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Home Remedies For Dandruff That Give Amazing Results

May 31, 2015

A condition in which the silvery and shiny scales of the scalp
begin to flake and then spreads all over the hair is known as dandruff.
Dandruff is basically of two types; waxy dandruff and dry dandruff.
There are several factors which may cause dandruff such as yeast
infection, malnutrition, lack of calcium and zinc, fungal infection and
use of shampoos and soaps which are alkaline in nature.

Dandruff Home Remedies

There are different
natural remedies for dandruff which are quite effective and are safe to
use. Some of the popular home remedies for dandruff which have been used
since a very long time and have proven to be effective in many cases

1. One of the best remedies for dandruff is the use of
curd. All you need to do is take some curd which has been fermented for
two to three days. Apply this curd on your hair and scalp. Wait for one
hour to allow it to dry and later wash it off. This home remedy will not
only make your hair shiny but also will help in removing dandruff.

Take two cups of water and add four large teaspoons of dried thyme in
it. Boil this mixture and then strain it. Allow it to cool down and
later you can massage it on your damp hair. But remember not to rinse
your hair.

3. Tea tree oil is also considered to be one of the
effective home remedies for dandruff. All you need to do is add few
drops of tea tree oil on your shampoo and then use it on your hair.

Fenugreek seeds can also be very effective in treating dandruff. Take
some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water for the whole night. Later
grind these seeds and gently apply on your scalp. Allow it to stay there
for forty five minutes and then rinse with ritha or shikakai.

Take three to four parts of water and mix one part of vinegar in it.
Rinse your hair with this mixture for about three to four minutes and
then wash with plain water. This home remedy is very helpful in getting
rid of flakes and eliminating the itch.

6. Take some olive oil
and then heat to make it warm. Just before going to bed apply this warm
oil on your scalp and hair. Leave it on your hair for the whole night.
Next morning, just one hour before going to take bath take some lime
juice and rub it on your scalp. Wash your hair with water.

7. Avoid consumption of sweets, candies, red meat, coffee, teas, spices, pickles and aerated drinks like cola and pepsi.

Pure coconut oil can also prove to be very effective in treating
dandruff problem. Make it a daily practice of rubbing coconut oil on
your hair. This will eventually help in to getting rid of dandruff.

above mentioned remedies for dandruff are some of the most popular home
remedies for dandruff which are simple to follow and effective when
use. These natural home remedies are safe to use and do not pose any
risk of side effects.

Medications Are You Taking Too Many Prescription Drugs

May 31, 2015

I recently discovered that a few of my over-40 patients appeared
to be over-medicated from a combination of prescription drugs they had
been given by different doctors. They came in complaining of not feeling
well and said that they had been taking all of their prescriptions.

I asked them what prescription medications they were taking, some
reeled off a long list of drugs and others would bring in all of their
pill bottles. One person was taking so many prescription drugs that they
kept them in a shoe box! I was astounded at the amount of prescription
drugs some were taking daily, often with duplicates and triplicates of
the same types of drugs. No wonder they were feeling so poorly,
complaining of things like memory loss, weakness, and stomach upsets.

Today, I’d like to talk to you about the potentially serious health risk of over-medication and how to prevent it.

How To Prevent Over-Medication

is commonly referred to amongst medical personnel as polypharmacy, the
taking of an excessive amount of prescription, pharmaceutical drugs. It
is actually reaching epidemic proportions in the United States today,
and it’s most common in over-65 patients. It also occurs, however, in
younger patients with multiple health conditions, including people who
may be taking over 20 different drugs a day!

A patient may unknowingly be taking several prescriptions of the same types of drugs. How is that possible? Well, here’s how.

new patient came to me complaining about feeling ill with symptoms that
were not related to her asthma condition. It was discovered that she
was taking 5 different drugs, when only 2 were needed She had seen a few
different doctors in the past and all had prescribed a drug for her
condition. Trying to trust her doctors and follow their orders, she had
just continued to take all of them! When we omitted the 3 extra drugs,
her symptoms and ill-feelings disappeared.

over-medication is not often discovered until a patient winds up in the
hospital from either an overdose, or when they become ill from
over-treatment, and/or side effects from taking too much of certain
drugs. Sometimes a pharmacist notes that a patient has several doctors
prescribing similar types of drugs and will alert the patient and/or

Did you know that 1.5 million adverse drug reactions
occur in the United States every year, with thousands of them fatal?
Research has shown that over half of all those events could have been
prevented by streamlining a patient’s drugs to the actual symptoms and
effects of their specific medical condition. We’ve become, sadly, a
culture of “a pill for every ailment”. What can happen when a patient
starts complaining about possible side effects from too many drugs is
that another doctor will step in and prescribe a different medication
for the same symptoms! Pretty soon, the patient is taking a whole
arsenal of pills and not feeling any better. The answer is not to stop
telling your doctor about ill feelings from possible side effects, but
rather to better monitor the drugs you are given.

Before you end
up in a hospital from an overdose or making yourself feel worse from
taking too many medications, here are some ways to prevent from becoming

Talk to your pharmacist – ask if any of the
medications you are taking could be causing certain side effects.
Pharmacists often know specific side effects and drug interactions of
specific drugs better than many doctors do. That’s their job. It is
important to tell them about any prescriptions you may have received
from another pharmacy that you are continuing to take, as they will only
know about the drugs dispensed from their pharmacy to you. This will
help rule out duplicates of the same class of drugs, i.e. drugs for
diabetes, drugs for heart condition, tranquilizer drugs, pain drugs,

Talk to your physician – ask your doctor if it is
possible to reduce the amount of drugs you are taking every day or week.
Give the physician any information obtained from your pharmacist, i.e.,
drug information sheets that should include side effects or drug
interactions. Or, have your doctor speak directly to your pharmacist
about the drugs you are taking. It is likely the two of them can work
out a more efficient pill taking regimen. Some physicians may feel
insulted that you’re asking them to work with a pharmacist on your
behalf to reduce the amount of your prescriptions and may even reprimand
you for not trusting him or her. If so, find another doctor.

Take Your Medications Correctly
– it’s not always the doctor’s fault. Some people do not take their
prescribed medications correctly or just don’t take them at all. They
continue to complain of symptoms and continue to have abnormal lab
results, but are embarrassed to tell their doctor they didn’t take their
prescriptions consistently. A doctor may then think that the drug he
prescribed to you is not working and may either increase the dosage or
give you another prescription! Be sure to follow the directions on your
prescription bottles exactly. Get a pill reminder box and fill it, or
have someone you trust, fill it every week to ensure you are taking your
medication as prescribed.

Know What Each Medication Is
it’s up to you to participate in your health care. Know what each
medication you take is for and how to take it correctly. Read the drug
information sheets that are given by your pharmacy, discuss any
questions with the pharmacist and/or your physician.

Don’t Forget OTC’s and Alternatives
– even though these agents are sold “over-the-counter” they sometimes
may interact adversely with prescription drugs or prevent them from
working. Make sure you tell your doctor about any herbal supplements,
vitamins, minerals, pain relievers, etc. For example, calcium cannot be
taken within 3-4 hours of taking thyroid hormone as it will inactivate
it. Grapefruit extract, an herbal supplement which some people take, can
also interact with and/or prevent certain drugs from working. This is
why it is important to detail everything you take.

Like some of my
patients, you may need to take several prescription medications for
various health issues that you may have. However, if you are taking a
long list of medications, there is a risk that you may be
over-medicating and you should take the time to talk to your doctor
about possibly having your personal “pharmacy” reduced to a more
effective, and safe, amount.

Mark Rosenberg, M.D.

Institute For Healthy Aging

Handling Menopause with the Aid of Bioidentical Hormone Therapy

May 30, 2015

For hundreds of years, women have been compelled by society to follow idealized standards of womanhood. Anything that implied the contrary was usually kept secret because it often ignited social stigma. Unfortunately, anything suppressed frequently comes out as the ladies conclude their reproductive years and enter the menopausal period. Following the onset of menopause, the entire body turns into a different entity-just like how it was at the onset of puberty.

Menopause takes place when a woman’s ovaries discontinue functioning, causing an unexpected change in hormone levels, which then causes psychological and physiological changes. Some changes consist of hot flashes, itchiness of the skin, and joint problems. Hormonal changes likewise cause swift changes in moods that can affect interactions with other people, especially a woman’s companion and loved ones.

Luckily, you’ll find medical institutions that prescribe menopausal ladies with medicines that relieve the signs of menopause-which are primarily psychological issues like extreme depression and irritability. You can also get medications for joint pain and vaginal dryness. While these are definitely beneficial, there are many solutions that deal with the source of the problem.

Some doctors recommend “estrogen pills” or selective estrogen receptor modulators (SERMs). These medicines are proven to lessen the risk of osteoporosis and breast cancer. Even so, some medical professionals have raised considerations that these drugs might cause adverse long-term side effects for women that no longer have adequate estrogen to regulate some physiological functions.

Hormone therapy, for example, introduces new estrogen in the female body to keep it working with some estrogen to lessen some symptoms. This is commonly employed and has made menopause a considerably less stressful stage for a lot of middle-aged women. Bioidentical hormone therapy pertains to substances derived from biological sources instead of synthetic ones.

Bioidentical therapy is deemed safer for patients since there is fewer probability of coming across problems. This is because the body can easily accept a natural compound, like hormones, coming from another living being. Bioidentical hormones for menopause are estrogen, testosterone, and progesterone. They are all sexual hormones which gonads (reproductive organs) yield. These are derived from Mexican yam and soybeans.

On the other hand, even though the bioidentical hormones menopause sufferers require have aided numerous women, there is minimal definitive proof that it’s necessarily less dangerous or more efficient than “synthetic” medicine. By all means, women can take a look at various ways to relieve the signs of menopause. However, it is best for such women to talk to their physicians first concerning these symptoms and the required treatment. There are many ways women can get information: they may contact various obstetrician-gynecologists, read textbooks, or use the Internet. For more information please read

Best Medical Center at Alam

May 30, 2015

Alam could be a developing region in Malaysia. The town is largely -filled and people of numerous locations from places which are various are current there. There are centers that are numerous. The quantity of facilities that are dentistry is nevertheless numerous. As mentioned below among the several dentistry institutions, the most truly effective is obtaining numerous unique capabilities:

Awesome and Clean

The most truly effective dentist facilities at alam are not incredibly significantly dirty. They’re not very absolutely inferior using respect of chastity. The chance is attemptedto become managed there at ideal of spreading bacteria. The road signal-to chambers that were distinctive is suggested accordingly regarding patient in addition to simple their householders. The chart of various physicians and their action individual is significant simply. The places in addition to the surgical rooms may also be significant regarding simple the people. Hence the alam that is gigi is simply a perfect location for all types.

Professionals and surgery

The completely- outfitted areas that are exact are that great numerous resources which are absolutely modern. Ease and Patient’s comfort that’s patient’s would be the expert’s primary purpose. Additional gadgets which are contemporary display the customers have to face the pain that’s minimal in addition to the tiniest quantity of risk.Ergo klinik gigi shah alam, which is getting the best bits of devices and therapy, is purely the best within the town. There in the doctors, the middle, can also be acquiring understanding that is sufficient. Dental care could be an issue that’s not truly invulnerable so the clinic is not ready to consider any probabilities which are unnecessary.

Cost affectivity

The primary element whilst in the process that is complete may be the prices component. Customers from regular income people frequently steer clear of the institutions that are costly. . The charge for each kind of treatment and every is accordingly warranted. the essential expenses as well as the costs are minimal. Are certainly a few additional capabilities within this interval also. You are able to merely get support for that expense. There is the middle regarding instant and mediclaim insurance development also. This feature is helpful for people, who’ve not been not unready for that treatments which are medical which are unexpected.

Discover more at

Buy Prescription Drug

May 28, 2015

For the treatment of a disease, we visit to a physician and
then he makes a prescription with some sorts of medicine that he thinks
to the suggested. These types of medicine you can purchase form the
local medical stores and side by side for the online medical stores or
foreign pharmacies etc. in all the described cases, you will get the
genuine medicine of your need. But, you have to clear in mind that what
is the essence of prescription drugs when all kinds of medicine is
available in the medical pharmacies. The first thing is that you do not
know the medicine of a particular disease. For the same disease, there
is different kind of medicines for the patient condition along with the
dose and power selection of the medicine. There is also a factor of
taking time of the dose of medicine. Some medicines are also should not
take in certain condition of patient.

The body and health does not suite a particular
medicine. After all, nobody can take the responsibility of a patient
without having the authentic power of making prescription. That is the
reason; the government of each country has given authentic power of
making the prescription to nurses, MD, Doctor or Dental Medicine, Doctor
of Orthopedic Medicine, Physician Assist etc. So, after taking the
prescription from these authentic personnel you can take the medicine
from pharmacies. Now-a-days, there is a unique service of medicine that
is called the foreign pharmacies and online pharmacies. It is heard that
some of the online pharmacies and foreign pharmacies are not taking the
medical prescription on that regard. But, they are supplying the
medicine with a cheap cost. most of the online pharmacies or the foreign
pharmacies demand valid medical prescription. so, if you want to get
the prescription medicine with lower cost, you have to make a scanned
copy of it and update it in time of your name registration via online.

there is a kind of electronic system of making prescription, any person
of authority are able to access the prescription and can judge the
validity of the prescription. If the prescription is of electronic form,
you will get the medicine so easily. Thus, you can get the prescription
drugs through online with a cheap rate. You may have the question that
the reliability of the medicine you will get from the online pharmacies.
There are some certain criteria to make online business from a country.
So, when the medical pharmacy is getting the permission from a country,
the entire circumstance and accommodation the medicine and its quality
have. The survey says that you will get the medicine almost 50% of lower
cost in comparison to the local pharmacies.

Natural remedy for menopause

May 28, 2015

Hormone replacement therapy is a main concern for women at menopause. Many of these women wonder about the ramifications of using this therapy in order to ease the menopausal symptoms. We know that many reports related to the risks and benefits of hormone replacement therapy lead to a confuse situation. That is why menopausal women seek for the ultimate menopause natural remedy. We should know that there is evidence about the properties of supplements and foods that act as a menopause natural remedy that are gentle on the system but also effective for some menopausal symptoms.

There are several options for women that use a menopause natural remedy. A common example of how natural treatments can be used in easing the symptoms of menopause is the promotion of sleep. It is known that most of the menopausal women have problems with sleeping for many reasons. The most common strategy involves sleeping pills so women could get some rest. This strategy is not frequently used by doctors because sleeping pills can have negative effects especially in case of a prolonged period. That is why in many cases natural products such as melatonin are prescribed to combat insomnia. Saw pimento is also used as a natural remedy for easing menopause symptoms such as night sweats that interfere with the sleep cycle. Other nutritional supplements are used for a restful sleep. Among them we have to remember Kava and Valerian root.

Another problem that is frequently seen in menopausal women is the mood swigs that might create pandemonium in their lives. Mood swings can be a problem not only for menopausal women but for their family members too and may go as far as creating a tense and strained home life. We know that estrogen and progesterone are used to improve some of the conditions that lead to mood swings but we should also know that there are some natural remedies too. Herbs and supplements can also reduce stress and might lead to stability and calm when it comes to intrapersonal relationships. St. John’s Work is considered a natural remedy for mood stabilizing menopause, and so is Passion Flower, which is known to have potential in producing calming effects on menopausal women.

When a women reaches menopause it is good for her to know that she is prone to bladder infections because of the changes that occur during this period. Many of these women can notice that they have problems with controlling the flow of urine. For these conditions the most effective natural remedy is believed to be Echinacea and also Uva Ursi. These herbs are effective in combating both bladder infections and menopausal symptoms.

Detox Proves One of Best Solutions for Drug Abuse Port St Lucie

May 28, 2015

Detoxification can be defined as “a medically supervised
treatment program for alcohol or drug addiction designed to purge the
body of intoxicating or addictive substances.” Detox programs are
typically used as the first step in overcoming drug and alcohol
addiction. Detoxification helps addicts get through the hardest part of
quitting drugs or alcohol in a safe and supervised setting.

many cases, detox centers will specialize in helping addicts cleanse
themselves from particular drugs such as heroin, opiates,
methamphetamine or cocaine. Other times, detox centers are set up to
offer care for addiction to all types of drugs and alcohol. Detox can
help those struggling with addiction to the following drugs:

Withdrawal in Detox

When drug and alcohol addicts who have been abusing toxic substances
for many years stop using these substances, there body and brain will
most certainly react. The body’s reaction to the lack of drugs or
alcohol after prolonged use is called withdrawal. Withdrawal can be
deadly if not done in a safe and secure environment.

In addition to detox being one of the best solutions for drug abuse,
they are a good resource for recovery from addiction, because they give
addicts a place to deal with their withdrawal symptoms safely and
comfortably. Every drug has unique withdrawal symptoms, but some of the
most common are:

Withdrawal is a part of quitting drugs and alcohol. It is certainly not
a pleasurable experience, but detox centers can help make going through
withdrawal as comfortable as possible. Having medical professionals
available while going through withdrawal at a detox center keeps
patients safe and supervised.

Find the Right Detox Center

Finding the right detox center for a particular drug requires doing
research in order to determine the best fit financially and
geographically. Every detox center is different in how they go about
treating their patients. It’s important to understand the approach that
the facility you choose uses so that you know what to expect. The more
you understand your addiction and how detox works, the better off you
will be in treatment.

Weight Loss With Honolulu Ear Acupuncture

May 27, 2015

Nowadays, people have been applying a lot of methods to loose their weight, and ear acupuncture is considered as one of the most effective ways by some people. They prefer this acupuncture treatment to the different diet pills that may contain harmful chemicals and cause side effects.

Like many other areas in the world, acupuncture Honolulu is becoming more popular due to its effective methods. Acupuncture is a process in which needles are pierced into the body. In addition to wellness support, pain management and stress reduction, acupuncture Honolulu also help people avoid stress, anxiety and frustration caused by overweight with ear acupuncture.

How does ear acupuncture works for weight loss?

This treatment method involved is the placement of thin acupuncture needles or minute electrical pulses on the real acupuncture points on the outer surface of the ear to stimulate the points in the ear. According to ancient acupuncture, each area of the ear is related to a different anatomical portion of the body. The ear has pressure points, which react in the presence of disease or injury on the other parts of the body as well as the cravings for food. When your ear is triggered, the pierced needles help in releasing the Endorphin hormone which helps to relax you and make you control your food cravings. Apparently, this method helps you lose weight by eating less of what you would normally eat.

Maybe you will wonder if ear acupuncture can hurt you. Dont worry as this procedure is entirely pain free, and allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable during applying it. Besides helping you loosing your weight, ear acupuncture can be an effective treatment for those who wish to quit smoking as well as for other addictions, such as addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today this therapy technique is widely used by a great number of people thanks to its effective results and side effects free. If you are treated by a qualified acupuncturist that strictly follows the guidelines of the Elector Therapy Association like Honolulu acupuncturist, it can be said that there are almost no negatives.

The timetable for treatment

Normally, the timetable for treatment is once or twice a week for 8-12 weeks. It takes time for you to attain your desired weight. However, you shouldnt consider this treatment as the miracle. In order to maintain your desired figure, it is really important and necessary to keep a healthy diet and do exercise regularly.

Medical Transcription Services and HIPAA

May 25, 2015

In 1996 Health and Human Services department has put into practice the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) to safeguard the privacy of medical records while allowing the flow of health information needed to provide and promote high quality health care. The HIPAA rule strikes a balance that allows important use of the patients protected health information (PHI) while protecting the privacy of the individuals seeking care and healing.

Given the diversity within the healthcare marketplace (hospitals, clinics, physician practices medical transcription service providers and other healthcare entities) the rule is designed to be both flexible and comprehensive to cover the variety of uses and disclosures of the individuals’ PHI. Violations of the rule could lead to penalties, litigation and dire consequences for those involved with the misuse of the protected health record. Medical Transcription Services and HIPAA compliance

Outsourcing medical transcription services to experienced providers means they are aware of the importance of maintaining HIPAA compliance. They ensure that all security policies and procedures are in place during the implementation phase of the transcription process. While using a combination of innovative products, sophisticated software and experienced personnel, they can secure PHI for the healthcare facility. This ultimately affords administrators the ability to concentrate on their core activities.

To assure that business activities continue if there is equipment failure or disaster, identical data centers are online to immediately assume all operations. Each facility has the staffing and infrastructure to serve as an alternate data center in the event of a disaster.

To protect PHI from unauthorized access, additional controls put in place by medical transcription companies include:

Skilled workforce trained and monitored on HIPAA security, confidentiality, and privacy Electronic access by user and password Audit trails of all transactions – listening, transcribing, editing, viewing, printing, faxing, physician e-signing and electronic delivery methods Encryption of information -exposed- to the Internet

Nicole D. Wray -President at earned a Bachelor of Science in Marketing from the University of North Carolina, Charlotte. For the past 15 years Ms. Wray has varied leadership roles in the medical transcription industry, from sales and marketing to managing operations, her dedication to quality and integrity in the healthcare community, ensures you will be provided with the perfect solution for your transcription needs.

Becoming a Respiratory Therapist

May 25, 2015

What’s the first thing that comes to your mind when you think about a career in the field of healthcare? Does your mind conjure up images of somber-looking doctors and nurses attending to one medical emergency after another? Or are you discouraged by the thought of going through years of extensive schooling?

Well, it’s time someone told you there is more to the healthcare profession than doctors and nurses. There’s a whole army of healthcare professionals who specialize in providing different kinds of patient care. What’s more encouraging is the fact that a lot of these professions don’t require extensive training or years of schooling.

Among these lesser known medical warriors are respiratory therapists or RTs. Respiratory therapists provide treatment, evaluation, and care to patients who are suffering from breathing or cardiopulmonary disorders.

They work with physicians in the cardiopulmonary or respiratory care department of a hospital, clinic, or home health services center. Among their many duties are:

Diagnosing breathing disorders.
Recommending appropriate treatment.
Conducting physical examination of patients.
Managing ventilators and other breathing devices.
Educating patients and their families about breathing disorders.

If you think becoming a Respiratory Therapist is your cup of tea, you need to start planning early. Maintaining good grades in biology, chemistry, physics, and math through high school could hold the key to becoming a Respiratory Therapist.

A strong foundation in these subjects will ensure that you sail smoothly through college. Although you can get started with an Allied Health degree, there are direct programs that train you specifically for a career in Respiratory Therapy and may be a good choice for interested candidates.

Two-year training programs leading to an Associate’s degree in Respiratory Therapy are offered by community colleges, career schools, hospitals, and the armed forces. An Associate’s degree comprises both classroom instruction as well as clinical training. In fact, clinical training is a very important component of any Respiratory Therapy program as it allows students to work in real life situations in a healthcare environment.

Although entry-level jobs can be attained with an Associate’s degree, a Bachelor’s degree in Respiratory Care indicates a higher level of expertise and may be necessary for professional growth as well as for accessing roles with greater complexity. A Bachelor’s Respiratory Care program also comprises courses in management and non-clinical aspects of healthcare.

Some of the topics you can expect to learn en route to becoming a Respiratory Therapist are Cardiopulmonary Pharmacology, Pulmonary Anatomy & Physiology, Airway Management, Microbiology & Decontamination, Respiratory Care Protocols, Mechanical Ventilation Management, etc. Respiratory Therapists require a license from the National Board for Respiratory Care (NBRC) to practice in all U.S. states except Alaska and Hawaii. The board offers two types of credentials:

Certified Respiratory Therapist (CRT): This license is offered to RTs who graduate from accredited entry-level or advanced programs and also pass a licensure examination.

Registered Respiratory Therapist (RRT): This license is offered to CRTs who graduate from an advanced accredited program and pass two separate examinations. RTs who desire supervisory positions require an RRT.

In addition to these NBRC-conferred licenses, all practicing respiratory therapists need to obtain and maintain a certification in cardiopulmonary resuscitation (or CPR). Once you have the desired qualifications and necessary licensure, you can explore employment possibilities in a wide range of healthcare settings.