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Topical aganirsen found to be active in retinal disease – China Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

June 16, 2015

Gene Signal, a company focused on developing innovative drugs tomanage angiogenesis based conditions, has announced that positivedata from a study of aganirsen (GS-101, eye drops) in a nonhumanprimate model of choroidal neovascularization has been presented atthe 2012 ARVO Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Topicaladministration of aganirsen was found to inhibit neovascular growthand leakage in this model and strongly suggests a role for the drugcandidate in human retinal neovascular diseases such as wetage-related macular degeneration (AMD) and ischemic retinopathy. Gene Signal’s aganirsen is anantisense oligonucleotide that is expected to complete a phase IIItrial for the treatment of progressive neovascularisation in thecornea in 2012. Clinical studies in retinal diseases are scheduleto begin during the second quarter 2012.

“This study demonstrates the ability of aganirsen to addressneovascularization formation in the retina by inhibiting theexpression of the angiogenic protein IRS-1. Importantly, this isachieved without affecting normal vascularisation,” noted Dr.Matthew Lawrence of RxGen, Inc, who presented the data. “With thedemand for new, effective antiangiogenic agents that are easier touse in the treatment of several eye diseases growing, we believethese data strongly support a role for aganirsen.” Aganirsen blocks pathological neovascularization by inhibitingIRS-1. Clinical studies to date have shown that aganirsen is ableto safely and effectively inhibit the development of progressivecorneal neovascularization secondary to infectious keratitis orchemical burns both of which could lead to corneal graftreplacement. t.

“A topical agent for neovascular disease would revolutionizetreatment. There is a huge unmet need for many opthalmologicaldiseases including AMD, ischemic retinopathy and certain forms of glaucoma ,” noted Eric Viaud, CEO of Gene Signal. “To confirm the manyadvantages that topical aganirsen could offer over currentlyavailable drugs, we intend to begin Phase II clinical evaluation inthe next few months. We also acknowledge that a group of worldleading experts have agreed to discuss the future development ofaganirsen during the current ARVO conference. Their insight isinvaluable and gratefully accepted by our team.” Study Details: Aganirsen (topical emulsion) was applied daily innon-human primates following laser induced choroidalneovascularisation (CNV), a model of wet age-related maculardegeneration (AMD).

Retinal aganirsen concentrations were assessedin monkeys following topical delivery (21.5, 43 or 86 g). Aganirsenwas found to inhibit dose-dependently neovascular lesiondevelopment, with the incidence of high-grade CNV lesions (gradeIV, as measured by fluorescein signal intensity) decreasing from20.5% in vehicle-treated animals to 1.7% (p 0.05) in animalstreated with the highest dose of Aganirsen (86 g/day). The sizeof neovascularization complexes was also significantly lower ineyes receiving high dose and low dose aganirsen (p 0.0001)compared with vehicle-treated eyes. Additional References Citations.

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Why You Should Use Steam For Acne Problems

June 15, 2015

No matter how much research you have done or how many people you have talked to, it seems that you can never find an effect acne treatment program.

If youre feeling a bit frustrated, trust me, you most definitely have reason to be. Finding a treatment for your acne can take time and research.

Finding a treatment for your acne will take time, even though there are so many different types of treatments. Finding a cure that works for you will require patience.

You have probably heard of things like

– Washing your face with acne soap
– Drinking water
– Changing your diet
– Reducing the amount of stress in your life

If you want something that will fit into your acne regime, try out a steam room. As odd as it sounds, it works.

Steam is one of the best ways to help treat as well as prevent acne. If you havent tried it, you most definitely should.

Here are two reasons why:

1. Steam baths are able to enhance how much blood and oxygen is circulating throughout your body. This means that more oxygen and blood will go to the surface of your skin.

2. Steam is able to open up the pores in the skin to help get rid of any type of impurities that may exist. All this is done through sweating.

Basically, the steam room is a sweat bath. As silly as it sounds, it helps to clean your skin.

If you decide that you want to try out the steam room, you want to be able to soak up all of the benefits that it provides.

After sitting in the steam room, make sure that you shower right after you exit the room. You dont want to sweat and then leave all of the sweat on your skin.

If you dont shower, your skin will probably just reabsorb the toxins you sweated out.

This makes the whole steam room experience useless, doesnt it?

If youre on a set time limit or you dont have enough time to shower, you should dry your skin when a clean towel and shower as soon as you can.

Be cautious!

Just like with any acne treatment, you want to take some precaution before you get deeply into it.

If you have an acne condition that is extreme, know that a steam room can aggravate your already existing acne.

If you are concerned, you can easily talk to your doctor or a skin expert and found out if steam baths are right for you. You dont want to harm your skin!

Steam rooms and facials

When using steam treatment, you can choose just to do facial steaming, or you can choose to use a steam room.

Facial steams have proven to be very effective to help treat and prevent acne that occurs on the face.


When you think about it, steam rooms provide a bit more advantages. Instead of just cleansing the skin on your face, you can cleanse your whole body.

If you are able to have a steam bath 2 to 3 times a week, your body will be toxin free!

Find Legal Help Today If You Believe A Prescription Drug Caused Your Child’s Omphalocele Defect

June 15, 2015

Over the years, it has become more accepted that the popular anti-depressant drug Paxil, also referred to as Paroxetine, may have been responsible for causing a tremendous amount of sadness for families. Those who took Paxil during pregnancy may have increased their risk of having a child with an omphalocele defect, and for those who did have a child with this serious birth defect after taking Paxil, there is no doubt that legal help should be sought.

Although Paxil was intended to help those who suffer from depression, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, and other psychological disorders, it seems that at least for some, this drug has caused even more suffering, but those families who have had a child with a severe birth defect which can be proven to have been caused by Paxil may be able to receive appropriate compensation via litigation; however, it should be recognized that litigation is never an easy thing to undertake, but with a skilled Paxil attorney, appropriate compensation and a sense of justice can be gained if the prescription drug Paxil really is to blame for causing these families so much pain and anguish. .

Was your son or daughter born with an omphalocele defect which you suspect may have been caused by the prescription drug Paxil (Paroxetine) and the negligence of its maker, GlaxoSmithKline? If there is a chance that your family’s suffering was caused by the drug and its maker, then there’s no doubt that you should come forward with your story. The first important step which you will need to take is to get in touch with a skilled Paxil attorney who will be able to take a look at your family’s case in order to more accurately determine whether or not litigation should be pursued. If it does appear that justice and compensation are deserved, then your attorney will surely do everything possible so that your family can gain the most appropriate compensation possible for all of the suffering experienced.

Be sure to find the legal help that your family deserves today, and if you are not sure of where to turn to for legal expertise, then you can rely on an attorney from the Law Offices of Chandler, Mathis & Zivley, PC. Get in touch with this professional and successful law firm today, or for more information regarding litigation for your child’s omphalocele or perhaps other Paxil birth defects, simply continue to browse through the rest of our website.

Paxil was manufactured as a way to treat depression, obsessive compulsive disorder, social anxiety disorder, and other disorders. However; it turns out that this drug can actually be more harmful than helpful, and it has been proven that this drug can cause serious side effects which lead to real suffering.

Hospitals in India – complete healthcare Indian service

June 13, 2015

You can find best hospitals in India for your treatment and welfare. Now day’s medical industries growing very rapidly in India. Indian hospitals are well quipped and advanced infrastructure for providing best treatment to the patient. Indian doctors are specialist in heart, plastic surgery, cancer treatment, cardiology society, eye care, orthopedic and advance procedure like laparoscopic methods of surgery. Many foreigners are coming India for the treatment with booking medical tourism package to spend their days happily.

Every city has Government and private hospitals in India. Government hospitals provide treatments full of free service to the poor people and charging for the treatment is also low cost to everyone. Compared to government from private hospitals are little bit high in charging. But most of the hospitals are undertaken by Government and private hospitals also provide free treatment to the poor people. Another important fact about India, Ayurveda treatment is very popular and it cures lot disease in Natural manner. Kerala is the best place to take ayurveda treatment because it has wonderful situation and greenery calm place to take peaceful

Follow up medical attention is impressive because these services are considered a very high priority in the responsibility of doctors; follow-ups are an essential promise all doctors take seriously in India. Hospitals in India has experienced and qualified staff’s, professional nurse, dentist, and cosmetic surgeons to take care of patient and their needs. The country has an interesting combination of rich cultural heritage and some of the most modern infrastructure and entertainment options. Some of the cultural heritage is visible in its ancient temples, mosques, places and its wide range of arts and crafts and dance. One can find a wide variety of good healthcare centres in the country. India is a perfect place for affordable healthcare and exotic tourism. Perfect place for relax and heal after medical procedures. Complete peace of mind and that is guaranteed.

The aim of the hospitals in India is to ensure the satisfaction and well-being of every patient. The main services are the same as in the western parts of the world, such as vaccination and immunization, exams for medical fitness, yoga therapy and psychiatric treatments, rehabilitation from injuries as well as nutritional and health education.

The hospitals in India are well equipped with the best in medicine and care. The combination of a wonderful culture and a place where the people are taken care of under the best of circumstances, makes India a place one can live or visit without having to worry about good medical care. With the popularity of such a country as a place where modern infrastructure and facilities meet with ancient and rich culture, India offers peace of mind when one needs a good hospital.

Bromelain And Heart Attacks

June 13, 2015

For years Ive discussed many of the potential dangers involved with taking an aspirin a day to help prevent heart attacks. Now, I want to tell you about an “aspirin substitute”bromelain.
Bromelain is an enzyme extracted from the pineapple plant. It is referred to as a “protease” which means it breaks down proteins, reducing them to their basic building blocks.
Almost 500 years ago, Christopher Columbus and his crew “discovered” the pineapple on the Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe. Even then, they were amazed at its medicinal uses. Natives used the juice to aid in digestion of meat and cure stomachaches. Women used it to beautify their skin and warriors used it to improve the healing of their wounds. Recent research suggests that the pineapple (more specifically bromelain, which is extracted from the stem) may be one of the best tools we can use to help prevent and even treat heart disease.
Atherosclerosis or clogging of the arteries directly accounts for one-half of all the deaths in this country. It kills by cutting off the life-sustaining blood supply to vital organs like the heart, brain and kidneys. Heart attacks result from blockage of small blood vessels supplying the heart muscle and strokes are often the result of a similar blockage to the brain.
Research has continually shown that the clots formed in arteries are composed largely of protein (fibrin). These clots also contain particles of various fats and cholesterol, but the protein mesh of fibrin seems to be the culprit holding the clot together. In fact, clot-busting drugs like streptokinase (marketed as Streptase) and urokinase that have been shown to dissolve 70 percent of the clots in heart patients work by breaking down the protein fibrin! (The enzymes involved break down fibrin not cholesterol. Despite this, everyone still wants to call cholesterol the cause of the problem.)
Bromelain works much the same way as these miracle clot-busting drugs. (Just like streptokinase, bromelain stimulates the conversion of plasminogen to plasmin, which in turn helps break down fibrin clots. (Arch. Int. Pharmacodyn 1981; 254:157-67.) (Med. Hypothesis 1980; 6:1123-33.) (Med. Hypothesis 1980; 6:99-104.) J. Int. Acad. Prev. Med. 1979; Vol. 6, No. 1.)
Even more surprising, bromelain may be able to “clean” arteries of atherosclerotic plaquing before a problem occurs. In an animal study, bromelain broke down arteriosclerotic plaquing before a problem occured. In an animal study, bromelain broke down arteriosclerotic plaque in the aortas of rabbits. (Dissert. Abstr. B 1975; 35 (2 pt) 6013, Ord. No. 75-13, 735.)
Besides breaking down clots, bromelain appears to keep clots from forming in the first place. Explaining this area can get somewhat complicated and confusing (to me anyway). The “stickiness” of your blood cells has a lot to do with clot formation. This “stickiness” is linked to your bodys production of temporary hormones called prostaglandins. Bromelain blocks the production of prostaglandins that keep blood cells from getting too sticky, and promotes the production of those that help circulation. On the other hand, aspirin blocks the production of all prostaglandins, both good and bad!
Bromelain also has been shown to be very effective in treating inflammation, again without the side effects of aspirin or the nonsteroid anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDs) like Motrin, Advil, Nuprin, Rufin, Medipren, Midol, etc. In fact, even the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis has been effective using 2250 mg. of bromelain twice daily between meals. In one study, over 70 percent of those on the program experienced good to excellent results of less joint swelling, less pain and more mobility. (Pennsyl. Med. J. 64; 67:27-30.)
Bromelain is sold in health food stores everywhere as a digestive aid and is generally considered very sage without any known side effects. After all, it comes from pineapple juice which again has been used medicinally for hundreds, if not thousands of years.
Most studies Ive reviewed recommended between 2,000 and 4,000 mg. daily. When used for inflammation and the other reasons Ive described, it is best taken between meals. Some authorities recommend taking at least 500 IU of vitamin E (d-alpha tocopherol) along with bromelain to prevent harmful clogging of the arteries due to sticky blood cells.
Bromelain use is another one of those therapies you wont hear much about because theres not much money to be made in pineapple extracts. You can bet, however, that drug companies are studying bromelain very closely. Anything that works this well for so many problems, without side effects, would be the ideal starting point for some new medications.

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Ailments Common to Aging Dogs, How To Treat Them

June 12, 2015

We know how joyful it is to have a dog; they are mans best friend and also the great home companion and protector. From the moment of their acquisition until they perish, their unprecedented service and dedication to their owners are unquestionable. Because of this, a bond is established between the pet and the master.

When your canine companion is still young, a puppy, you already indulge in taking it to the veterinarian; you bring it to a dog clinic for preventive and ailment treatments. Some enroll their dogs in dog training centers. The dog diseases and treatments are paramount aspects of taking a pet dog under your wings. They are like humans that need to be taken care of. But when these pets age, they become susceptible to old dog illness and they develop some kind of medical condition. These illnesses can be painful even lethargic on the part of your animal friend.

There are different available veterinarians as well as different treatments and medications for dogs. These treatments are instituted for different ailments. And aging canines have 6 common diseases for old dogs namely: constipation, arthritis, potassium deficiency, seizure, congestive heart failure and Cushing disease. Let us learn about these diseases one by one starting from the 3 common afflictions, constipation, arthritis and potassium deficiency.

Dogs, like humans can be afflicted with constipation, hard stool that can be treated with a kind of powder that can be given orally or mixed in the animals food. This medication is the hepatikin powder, a disaccharide sugar molecule that will add liquid to the dogs colon. As the pet gets older, it is expected that it may suffer arthritis which is treatable with a Deramaxx chewable tablet. This is a drug that is non-steroid in nature and is anti-inflammatory. This medicine aims to alleviate the animal from pains. A third ailment is the potassium deficiency which can be treated by Rena Kare, a gel, powder or tablet supplement for the dogs potassium deficiency. This supplement will help the animal to recover strength of its nerves and muscles.

Let us now look into the other three diseases such as seizure, congestive heart failure and Cushings disease. A common seizure problem of the dog is the idiopathic epilepsy. This can become aggravated to result to brain tumor, kidney failure and liver ailment. Several medications can be given in conjunction with levetiracetam tablets. The heart of the canine can deteriorate which can lead to congestive heart disease. Vetmedin is one kind of tablet that is used to treat the dog afflicted with this disease. Another sickness is tumor that results from the excessive hormones produced by the animals adrenal cortex. Lysodren is a tablet that will reduce the production of these hormones in the animals.

A dog can have long life but as it ages, it is inevitable that it gets sick with different diseases associated with a canines age. There are six common diseases and medications are available as treatment of each.

Panic Disorder Anxiety And Extreme Fear

June 12, 2015

In panic disorder anxiety the feeling of extreme fear combines which many physical symptoms. These attacks can happen anytime and anywhere. This is part of what makes it scary. These can happen at night while you are sleeping or in broad daylight. A panic attack brings a sudden flow of uncontrollable anxiety and fear to the person and a state often of desperation.

The symptoms or signs, which are indicative of panic attack, develop suddenly and can reach their peak within ten minutes. The common physical signs associated with these are fast heartbeat, nausea, sweating, trembling of limbs, feeling of choking, vomiting, weakness, blackness in front of the eyes, confusion, hot or cold flashes, and a very surreal fear of dying. Different people react differently to these symptoms. Some completely withdraw from their surroundings and refuse to talk to anybody. Some people react violently by lashing out on the things and people around them as an act of defending themselves.

There are many reasons behind pain disorder anxiety. Severe stress caused due to work, school or college, death of a loved one, divorce, family illness, job loss or even the fear of public speaking can trigger a panic attack. This disorder can be heredity also. Panic disorders can also arise from other anxiety related disorders also. Domestic violence and sexual harassment can also give rise to panic disorders.

The treatment for panic disorder anxiety differs from person to person. This can be controlled by the aid of tranquilizers. Psychological counseling and therapy sessions are required for the person suffering from this disorder. Cognitive behavioral techniques, breathing and meditation are all very helpful. People suffering from this kind of disorder need the help and support of their near and dear one to deal with the situation

Indian Medical Tourism- An Asset for the World

June 12, 2015

India has always been one of most favourite destinations for all people who belong to different countries and nations. The abundance of natural resources and heritage of India if what most people admire and adore. Many surveys have also shown that the Indian Tourism Industry is one of the biggest revenue generating industries in India. It is this sector which has opened the doors to globalization and also enabled tourists to visit a different part of the world. Adding to the Tourism belt is the commencement of Medical Tourism in India which has enabled most people to get one of the best medical treatments. From diagnostics to treatment and check ups, Indian doctors have an edge over many others as far as specialization is concerned. The trained and experienced personnel saves life of many people by showing them a true path through recommended medical advice and suggestions.

Every year the Medical Tourism in India is gaining more momentum with more visitors trusting and having faith on the Indian doctors. The ancient ayurvedic treatment is most revered in India as it makes use of age old herbs and medicines which cures almost every problem possible. Also the natural treatment for most of the ailments is what Ayurveda talks about and this is why Indian Medical Tourism has flourished manifold times. Lastly, Ayurvedic treatments aim at building body’s immunity system and for this therapies such as Ayurvedic massages which a greatly appreciated and recommended to many patients.

Secondly, the Dental Care in India is also one most specialized arenas of Medical Tourism India. The treatments are more economical than those done outside India. It has been stated that the treatments are almost 75% less the cost and the infrastructural facilities are also world class in India. In true sense the quality of the treatments are so classy and have world class health care facilities. Thus, the medical services in India are worth visiting and for relaxing services many rejuvenation therapies are recommended to the patients. Therapeutic massages with aromatic oils are what most people enjoy and love.

Thus, travelling to Indian for Medical Tourism India purposes is one of the most beneficial ventures which the tourists can love and enjoy. The specialization and expertise of the doctors is art which only India can possess. The biggest retreat for any patient who comes for Medical reasons to India does have an opportunity to travel to some of the best tourist places of India. The places are innumerable and the diversity is worth exploring.

Aldwyn Carlin is a professional writer, presently writing for India Tours and Exotic Spa Tour India offering All India Tours.