Acupuncture Enhances Major Body Organs Of Alcohol Abusers

Due to the growing number of people who overuse alcohol, alcohol rehabilitation facilities are created. The specialists of these centers use various types of treatment approaches that include acupuncture. While this is the oldest form of remedy for alcohol dependency, a lot of specialists still use this approach because of its effectiveness.

Acupuncture is a form of remedy that was originated by Chinese. According to the old Chinese medicine system, any disease is the result of the imbalances of the body system’s functioning. In order to repair these imbalances, small needles are inserted into the skin at various special points that are thought to have meridians that are based on and around some body organs.

Treating alcoholism through acupuncture involves the use of acupuncture points on the inside part of an individual’s outer ear. This is called auricular acupuncture. Acupuncturists insert thin, short and sterile needles at 3 to 5 acupuncture points. The session and procedure normally takes up to 1 hour. Endorphins are discharged when the needles are inserted to the ear making the individual feel relaxed, happy and content. During the release of endorphins, the sufferer may crave for alcohol and withdrawal from the substance will not be too difficult to bear. The professional who will administer the treatment will ask the individual to sit or lie for 45 minutes. According to experts of alcohol treatment centers, acupuncture usually gives a calming impact on the body and mind of the individual.

Typically, acupuncture remedy can also be composed of 3 or more acupuncture points to improve major organs of elimination such as the liver, lungs and kidneys. Often, these organs in alcoholics have been damaged by alcohol as they eliminate excess toxins from the body.

People who have been dependent on alcohol are recommended to obtain acupuncture treatment every day until they will no longer feel the cravings. The therapy can be performed once or many times a week to acquire total sobriety. During the initial remedy period, alcoholics may be recommended to endure the acupuncture treatment regularly. Many alcohol rehab centers that use acupuncture as one of their treatment approaches claim that long-term sobriety can be obtained when clients undergo counseling and join support group gatherings.

People who are interested to undergo this form of treatment should talk to their physician and addiction counselor first so that their condition will be examined. While acupuncture treatment is often an alternative treatment, it has been proven effective by many patients.