Canadian Over The Counter Drugs

There are a large number of Canadian pharmacies committed to
providing customers with Over-the-Counter drugs all over the world. Most
pharmacies offer Over-the-Counter product along with self-care
information as well. Mail order Canadian pharmacies have websites
dedicated to answering frequently asked questions dealing with Canadian
Over-the-Counter drugs, or customers can send them questions using
contact forms. These online drugstores offer Over-the-Counter drugs that
are sometimes not easily available in US.

Some Canadian
Over-the-Counter drugs require a valid prescription that has been
written by the patient’s attending doctor while others may not require a
prescription. Customers can fax or e-mail a scanned copy of their
prescription to the pharmacy.

It is possible to ship an order out
as soon as it is received by the pharmacy, in case of Over-the-Counter
drugs that do not require a prescription. Over-the-Counter (OTC) drugs
are normally shipped within 24 to 48 hours. Prescription drugs take
about 3 days to process. About 3 to 8 business days are required to ship
these drugs from Canada, provided that there are no problems with
orders such as missing prescription, drug details or credit card

Costs of Over-the-Counter drugs ordered from Canada
are based on two aspects. These are cost of medication and a shipping
cost per order and not per item. Prescriptions concerning
Over-the-Counter drugs are charged a shipping fee so that they will be
shipped with tracking and insurance. Non-prescription Over-the-Counter
drugs may entail an additional cost for standard air shipping.

is obligatory for Canadian online drugstores to be members of the
Canadian Internet Pharmacy Association. Most Canadian pharmacies provide
an official prescription drug receipt for the customer’s prescription
drug insurance. It is prudent that customers verify with their
prescription drug plan administrator in advance to see if they will
accept the pharmacy’s receipts. Non-prescription Over-the-Counter drugs
can be returned if they are unopened and undamaged. Pharmacies exchange
prescription drugs in the event of damage or a defect in the
prescription drug.