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Working Through Post-traumatic Stress Disorder With Acupuncture

November 8, 2015

Acupuncture has been proven effective in treating a wide variety of ailments and recent studies have shown that post-traumatic stress disorder has now joined the long list of illnesses that acupuncture can actually treat.

Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese healing art that involves the stimulation of the acupuncture points located in the meridian pathways where the body’s vital energy flows. These acupuncture points are associated with the vital organ systems of the body.

Earlier reports from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine (NCCAM) stated that acupuncture shows efficiency in treating post-traumatic stress disorder, which was then echoed by the results of a randomized controlled study conducted by a team at the University of Louisville School of Medicine in Kentucky.

The University of Louisville School of Medicine team, headed by Dr. Michael Hollifield concluded that acupuncture treatments actually displayed the same results as that of a cognitive-behavioral therapy.

Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is an anxiety disorder that is common in an environment that poses physical threats to the well being such as that in tragedies, disasters, war zones, violent assaults, and military combat, among others.

In fact, the Walter Reed Army Medical Center in Washington now requires acupuncture treatments for soldiers with mental and physical trauma. The US Air Force operates the sole acupuncture clinic in the military at the Andrews Air Force Base in Maryland where 44 Air Force, Army doctors and Navy are undergoing acupuncture trainings for emergency care in war zone hospitals in Iraq and Afghanistan.

But how exactly can acupuncture deliver beneficial results in treating post-traumatic stress disorder?

To combat post-traumatic stress disorder, acupuncture rejuvenates the acupuncture points that are associated with the brain where the emotional memories of the patient are stored thereby aiding the patient to naturally heal from the trauma.

Acupuncture has been proven as a gentle treatment that stimulates the emotions of the patient and works through the trauma without causing panic or unpleasant flashbacks on the patient. The ear acupuncture, otherwise known as auricular acupuncture is the commonly used form of acupuncture in treating post-traumatic stress disorder as it helps balance the Qi and helps the mind relax.

Studies have clearly shown that post-traumatic stress disorder acupuncture treatment is more effective when complemented with other treatment such as talk therapy, meditation, yoga, journal writing, and art therapy among others.

The acupuncture treatment helps the patient to start processing the trauma in a more relaxed and balanced state, while the other treatments will serve as support system that will provide the patient an outlet for working through the trauma and be free from the disorder for the rest of their lives.

Acupuncture for Weight Loss

September 21, 2015

There are so many people struggling to lose weight these days. It must be a unique problem that pertains to the United States more specifically than most other countries. It could be our poor eating habits and abundance of fast food. However, we can’t be held responsible for this! Especially since most of us love to eat super foods. Anyway, there are always new and improved methods for dropping excess body fat. While you may have thought that dieting ended with the workout programs, starvation methods, pills, and frozen meals, you were wrong. There are also new-age, innovative approaches to dropping that unwanted body weight. Have you ever heard of acupuncture for weight loss?

Although it may be a totally fresh concept to you, there is such a thing as acupuncture for weight loss. I know what you might be thinking. Acupuncture is a scary, Chinese healing method that involves needles. Well, this type of Chinese medicine is used in a number of ways. First of all, the needles in acupuncture aim to address the different meridians in your body. So when you have a certain muscle ache or pain, and acupuncture professional can assess that specific meridian and deal with the affliction. Do not just assume that this holistic approach to medicine does not work. Countless people have already benefited from acupuncture for weight loss in America alone. Maybe it’s your turn!

To better understand acupuncture for weight loss, you need to better understand the human body. Let’s say you have severe allergies. Well, acupuncture needles can be placed in the sinus areas to balance out this health condition. Heat is deliver into the meridians and lymphatic system in order to calm the body down. When you get involved with acupuncture for weight loss, your desires are altered. While you may typically crave tons of food and sweets throughout the day, you no longer have to deal with this. Basically the severity of these cravings is suppressed significantly. While some people notice it decrease, others notice that it goes away altogether.

When getting involved with something like acupuncture for weight loss, you naturally have to make certain that the person assisting you is a trained professional. Since acupuncture involves needles and delicate areas of your body, it is certainly crucial to find an expert in Chinese medicine. So, take a moment to think about all of the dietary supplements you’ve tried over the years. Maybe you have been working out your entire life and simply never saw the results you wanted. Fortunately acupuncture for weight loss may be the right path for you. Be sure to look into acupuncture experts in your area to learn more about what is available.

How to Find the Best Acupuncture Education

August 30, 2015

Have you searched for treatment from one doctor to another and failed? Have you exhausted al the traditional and contemporary drugs in the market? Maybe the best thing to start now is to find the best acupuncturist to help you solve your problem. If you are not afraid of needles and pins, then start looking for an acupuncture school. Such schools offer you the best training to treat hardcore ailments. Acupuncturists use special needles on your body, which in the end relieves the pain. This is a new and demanding career in the market. It is a good choice of career that you will never regret studying.

If you like practical work, then this is your field. In Acupuncture schools, you will learn many practical ways on how to treat specific ailments. Before you insert the needles into the patient’s body, you need to do some few diagnoses. This practice of using needles to relieve pain originated from China. However, the practice has since moved over to many countries and it is one of the fastest growing careers today. If you have already decided to study acupuncture, then you must have heard of the many advantages the practice offers. You can get this education from most universities and colleges.

In most cases, you will study the program alongside other medical related programs. The training you will undergo in acupuncture schools is almost the same as to what doctor’s study. Medical programs and acupuncture are related in that they have the same objective; treating patients. You should bear in mind that the training you will get from your country or the country where you choose to study differs from the other. This is because of the different certifications and quality of the training you will get. Some countries do not require acupuncturists to have a license, while some give voluntary programs.

On the other hand, in some countries, it is a requirement for you to have a license and certification. Some countries set their own standards that you should meet before you become an acupuncturist. Alongside attending acupuncture school classes, you need to sit for exams. This will help you prove that you are qualified to start practicing. Once you reach a certain pass mark, the school will grant you a license. Some countries require you to sit for another exam after the final exam before you get a license or certificate. After getting the certificate, you will be ready to start practicing acupuncture.

Facts About Acupuncture London

July 26, 2015

Acupuncture London is feared by many people because the thought of being placed with a dozen needles or more can seem painful and excruciating. But the truth is, acupuncture is one ancient practice that can be traced to Asia and has been used for thousands of years. Today, acupuncture is practiced in many parts of the world including the west. The thought of needles around the body can be really intimidating for most people but studies done in China and the US have shown how most people often confuse the feeling of Qi (read as chi) with pain.

First of all, we must understand that acupuncture is done with pins and not needles. Pins are small, thin solid pieces of metals that may look like needles but it is thinner which we can compared to a strand of hair and is very flexible. These pins are also solid and are sterilized to keep them clean and are not painful compared to a needle. The needles that we know of like those used in giving injections are hollow inside so that the drug to be administered can pass through or in other cases blood or other liquids may be extracted from the body.

As for the pain or Qi, pain is a painful sensation whereas Qi gives a tingling sensation and a little pressure but not pain or discomfort. In fact,Qi can be really relaxing and there are parts of the body that can feel heavy or light. Some people feel so relaxed about it that they end up falling asleep. If you are interested in acupuncture but is hesitant, it would give you comfort and assurance to only have it done by someone who has been extensively trained for four years and in some cases even undergo an 18-month internship.

Acupuncture when done by a professional and done in the right way is definitely not painful at all. For numerous centuries, countries such as India and Japan have been promoting this type of service. Most of the people who have been known to have been suffering from back pain or migraines have always benefited from getting acupuncture therapy.

The success rate of people who have received a great change towards the pain they are receiving after getting an acupuncture is something not to be missed. As a matter of fact, the Denver acupuncture research center have reported that acupuncture done by a licensed acupuncturist has shown 70% or greater success rate in alleviating pain by 50% better.

Acupuncture has been used lately for weight loss London. It has yet to be studied as to how weight loss can be achieved by acupuncture but still several people are starting to use it already. Osteopathy London is also one of the latest forms of therapy that is meant to cure chronic pain caused by any injury related to sports so if you are interested in using something else to fight pain apart from acupuncture you may also give osteopathy a try.

Bid Goodbye To Hay Fever With Acupuncture

July 16, 2015

For most people the sweltering heat of summer is a welcome shift from the chilly season of winter, however, the prickly warmth also brings with it allergy symptoms such as hay fever and a whole bunch of summer allergies.

But with acupuncture, you can kiss allergies goodbye and say hello to the sunny weather. Yes, you read it right, I am in fact talking about the ancient form of healing that originated from China that has been proven effective to heal a wide range of ailments including hay fever and other illnesses that sprout during the spring and summer months.

Hay fever, for one, is a very usual allergic reaction caused by airborne elements such as hay pollens, grass, and flowers that would affect the upper respiratory passages involving the sinus, nose, eyes and throat. During spring and summer, the common culprits of hay fever are the pollens from the trees. Hay fever is presented with cold, runny nose, sneezing attacks and watery eyes.

But how can acupuncture help?

Acupuncture has been known, for thousands of years, to help restore a person’s vitality as well as alleviate allergic symptoms by stimulating the acupuncture points with very thin needles.

These acupuncture points are located in strategic areas of the meridian pathways of the body’s vital energy flow, known as Qi. Through the healing process, an acupuncture specialist will help the body to respond naturally to the treatment thereby restoring the natural balance of the body’s organ systems.

Acupuncturists said that the modulating effect of acupuncture to the immune system is vital in addressing the symptoms of hay fever as well as other types of allergic conditions.

Hay fever, to be specific, is often provoked by a pathogen, which is dubbed as the “wind” in Traditional Chinese Medicine. The “wind” causes irritations in the respiratory system.

Acupuncture applies ample pressure on the acupuncture points using hair-thin needles to restore the respiratory system to its normal state. Aside from hay fever, the same acupuncture treatment has also been proven effective to treat chlorine allergy and prickly heat, which are also common during spring and summer.

Like other western form of hay fever treatments, acupuncture therapy is also best to start before the summer season began, which could be a very good preventive measure against the ailment. Just as they say, “prevention is better than cure.”

Acupuncture therapy for hay fever and other allergies would usually take six weekly treatments, with treatment spacing ranging from bi-weekly to four times a week depending on how you react to the treatment.

After a year, the therapy could be lessen to two treatments prior to the peak of the season and with the effectiveness of acupuncture, you will soon realize that hay fever has long gone and you are now bound to enjoy summer without a single sneeze.

Acupuncture Can Effectively Treat Many Women’s Health Issues

July 1, 2015

Acupuncture is a natural, drug free treatment option that is increasingly popular in the Western world. In the West, it is primarily associated with pain relief. However, it is often used to treat a wide range of other health conditions. One of the areas where it has been shown to be effective is in women’s health concerns.

Acupuncture is a practice that involves the insertion of very fine, sterile needles into the body at certain points. This is a holistic treatment, meant to treat the body as a whole organism rather than isolating separate parts. From a Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) perspective, acupuncture works by restoring the balance of yin and yang in the body, and enhancing or correcting the flow of Qi (energy) by removing blockages that can cause all kinds of pain and illnesses, including many problems specific to women’s health.

Many practitioners of this ancient art as well as their patients claim that these treatments can successfully reduce or alleviate problems such as irregular or heavy periods, menstrual cramps, premenstrual syndrome (PMS), uterine fibroids, and even problems like polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS), endometriosis and other infertility issues. Acupuncturists utilize techniques that are thought to help regulate the ovarian cycle, stimulate egg production, improve the balance of hormones and even increase blood flow to the womb.

A German study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics and Gynecology in 2008 showed that the majority of women who had acupuncture for menstrual cramps, discomfort and pain saw at least a 33 percent reduction in their pain level as compared to women who received no treatment. In addition, a Danish study found that women receiving acupuncture had a significantly higher rate of pregnancy versus a control group who did not receive this treatment.

Many more general studies have shown that acupuncture stimulates the body to produce natural steroids and release endorphins, which help to reduce inflammation and pain. All practitioners agree that their techniques enhance the mind and body’s own ability to heal itself, and women’s issues are no exception to the rule.

Practitioners of Traditional Chinese Medicine often use herbs as well as dietary, exercise and lifestyle advice in conjunction with acupuncture treatments to obtain better results. Also, it is not uncommon for acupuncture to be successfully used as a complementary therapy along with more “mainstream” fertility and women’s health care options. In fact, some acupuncturists have extensive schooling in both Western medicine and Traditional Chinese Medicine, which can help them better integrate different types of care for maximum efficacy.

Traditional Acupuncture and Moxibustion

June 10, 2015

One of the most sought-acupuncture materials for patients and physicians used by specialists to treat problems related to body cooling is moxibustion. Moxibustion is one of the auxiliary materials in the acupuncture treatment of muscle pain, respiratory problems, cooling the body or only to accelerate the movement or flow of energy through the channels or acupuncture points where the needles have been placed. The story begins in Eastern moxibustion before the onset of acupuncture needles, where it was used to treat diseases of the body related to or caused by damp weather. With the emergence of acupuncture needles, moxa became the perfect complement to practice today, along with many other materials of acupuncture (such as point detectors and stimulators, etc…) Make the ancient practice easier and successful. The moxa are made from a plant called mugwort or mugwort leaves are dried and are given in the form of cigarette or cigar. It is part of the materials used acupuncture in China, Vietnam, Japan, Korea, Tibet and Mongolia. By burning may be used close to the patient’s skin, or milled and used directly onto the acupuncture needles. The moxa is used individually or as auxiliary materials for heating acupuncture points on the body areas and in order to stimulate the circulatory system. It is effective against colds, muscle cooling and evidence that helps the fetus head fits when it is granted. The moxa is used, along with the acupuncture needles to treat diseases in the pelvic area and uterus, for the treatment of chronic diseases, conditions of extreme weakness. The moxa is lit on the acupuncture points, which may or may not be stimulated by acupuncture needles. The moxa may be used directly on the skin, using a barrier that prevents damage thereon, using a layer on the skin to avoid ginger blisters, passing on the points to be stimulated. Another use of moxa, is to use it with acupuncture needles inserted into the skin (such as acupuncture auxiliary material), is passed over the point moxa heating the skin and circulating energy in the desired direction. It is important to be extremely careful with the use of moxa in both cases, as it can cause burns to the skin or hair around the area worked. If the moxa heat is very intense, should be withdrawn immediately, and should be applied to clean, dry skin. As with any traditional medical treatment, alternative, using the technique of moxibustion. Whether used individually or as auxiliary material acupuncture, should take into account that must be applied by a specialist prior diagnosis of disease.

Weight Loss With Honolulu Ear Acupuncture

May 27, 2015

Nowadays, people have been applying a lot of methods to loose their weight, and ear acupuncture is considered as one of the most effective ways by some people. They prefer this acupuncture treatment to the different diet pills that may contain harmful chemicals and cause side effects.

Like many other areas in the world, acupuncture Honolulu is becoming more popular due to its effective methods. Acupuncture is a process in which needles are pierced into the body. In addition to wellness support, pain management and stress reduction, acupuncture Honolulu also help people avoid stress, anxiety and frustration caused by overweight with ear acupuncture.

How does ear acupuncture works for weight loss?

This treatment method involved is the placement of thin acupuncture needles or minute electrical pulses on the real acupuncture points on the outer surface of the ear to stimulate the points in the ear. According to ancient acupuncture, each area of the ear is related to a different anatomical portion of the body. The ear has pressure points, which react in the presence of disease or injury on the other parts of the body as well as the cravings for food. When your ear is triggered, the pierced needles help in releasing the Endorphin hormone which helps to relax you and make you control your food cravings. Apparently, this method helps you lose weight by eating less of what you would normally eat.

Maybe you will wonder if ear acupuncture can hurt you. Dont worry as this procedure is entirely pain free, and allows you to remain relaxed and comfortable during applying it. Besides helping you loosing your weight, ear acupuncture can be an effective treatment for those who wish to quit smoking as well as for other addictions, such as addiction to drugs and alcohol. Today this therapy technique is widely used by a great number of people thanks to its effective results and side effects free. If you are treated by a qualified acupuncturist that strictly follows the guidelines of the Elector Therapy Association like Honolulu acupuncturist, it can be said that there are almost no negatives.

The timetable for treatment

Normally, the timetable for treatment is once or twice a week for 8-12 weeks. It takes time for you to attain your desired weight. However, you shouldnt consider this treatment as the miracle. In order to maintain your desired figure, it is really important and necessary to keep a healthy diet and do exercise regularly.

Instantly Quit Smoking With Acupuncture

May 19, 2015

Acupuncture is a highly effective quit smoking method for all, and specially for those people who had been unsuccessful with other methods to stop smoking. People who go for acupuncture treatments are usually keen on quit smoking beliefs. Although they have failed with all previous programs, this 3500 years old Chinese remedy promises quick relief from chronic smoking habits.

Acupuncture works most effectively on human body to reduce chronic smoking habits

Acupuncture is based on the belief that chi, a vital energy force flows through 12 key channels around the body. Within these channels, there are at least 365 acupuncture points, which can sometimes get blocked preventing the smooth flow of vital energy, thereby leading to chronic habits. Acupuncture for stop quit smoking does not involve any magic acupuncture points. At least five needles are taken and inserted into the ear [particularly in the cartilage and not in the ear canal] and a few on the hands and wrists. With the needles pricked to your skin, you are left to relax for 30 to 45 minutes. These pricked needles provide significant effect on lessening cravings for smoking.

Treatments involved in acupuncture

To become a non-smoker, you have to follow a series of sessions. These sessions also focus on physical and emotional withdrawal symptoms occurring in the patient during the acupuncture treatments. While the needle-pricking treatments are going on you are also advised to undergo treatments with herbs. You can apply a mixture of oil of cloves and wintergreen, extracts of evodia fruits and Sichuan lovage rhizomes in the acupuncture points to get faster stop smoking results.

Other advantages of acupuncture – tips on stopping smoking

Acupuncture tips on stopping smoking not only relieve you from permanent smoking cessation but also works advantageous for you. After the acupuncture series is over, even cigarettes taste foul. It takes a nasty burnt taste and you can thus proudly redefine yourself as a non-smoker. Acupuncture therapy for stop smoking also reduces side effects of nicotine withdrawals like depression, cravings and anxiety. While the body actually improves in blood circulation and de-congesting the lungs, you also start feeling truly optimistic.

Acupuncture is a definite method that helps you to quit smoking miraculously within a few days. Try it out to experience instant success even if you are a chronic nicotine-smoker.