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Discover 10 Effective Acne Drugs!

November 20, 2015

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The shadowing acne ( acne drugs ) drugs should not be utilized use during gestation:

Topical retinoid

These lie of retinoid, Retin-A, Differing, Tazorac, and Avita. Regularize though there is minimal absorption of topical retinoid that can potentially stretch a fetus, and there’s no information that these agents can alteration an unhitched individual, you should terminate applying them rest you anticipate that you’re gravid. Clindamycin: Medication creation s that comprise this antibacterial countenance Cleocin-T, as rise as various generics. The effects of clindamycin during maternity ports been adequately deliberate. Clindamycin compounded with benzoyl whitener is also recovered in the combination products Benzaclin Gel and DuacGel. Because clindamycin may materialize in tatty concentrate and could impress a nursing infant, it’s likely not better to use products containing it if you are full or plan to beautify enceinte.

Aczone Gel

This businessperson contains daps one. There is negligible sorption of this have in the bloodstream when it’s practical topically; nevertheless, it’s illustrious that daps one is excreted inhumane milk when understood orally.

Clindamycin and benzoyl whitener are also pioneer in the combination products Benzaclin Gel and Ducal Gel.

I urge avoiding all buckle medicines to handle acne ( acne drugs ) when you’re significant. However, an oral penicillin figuring, much as trimox (if you’re not supersensitive to it), may be taken safely if your acne ( acne drugs ) is really bad. If you’re susceptible to penicillin or it’s not excavation, your specialist may visit another spoken antineoplastic that can be utilized in maternity.

Some test drugs can scathe your unhitched file. viagra femme prix forum In these cases, discerning grounds exists that your somebody may individual over serious nativity defects if you use them. The multitude medications staleness be avoided if you’re gravid or if you’re contemplating comely big:


Tetracycline and its derivatives, mincing and vibramycin, may effort few forbiddance of white development and discoloration of teeth in a vertebrate.


The anti-androgens specified as spironolactone that are sometimes utilized to treat acne ( acne drugs ), can, by block testosterone, interfere with the modal usage of a priapic vertebrate and grounds feminization. (See Chapter 11.)

Exam isotretinoin (Accutane)

Oral isotretinoin (eye-so-tret-ih- no-in) procurable as Accutane, Roaccutane, Amnesteem, Claravis, and Sotret, is a efficacious medicate that’s old to address plain unshapely acne ( acne drugs ) in carefully chosen patients. This ingest can justification wicked vertebrate abnormalities. There are numerous restrictions currently in locate regarding oral isotretinoin, and with understandable cause. Test isotretinoin can justification capital birthing defects to infants intelligent to women unclothed to them. They should never – not under any circumstances – be condemned during maternity! Regularize if a class becomes enceinte within one period after stopping the treatment, problems can noneffervescent become. There also is an raised peril of abortion, premature births, and infant ending related with taking viva isotretinoin during pregnancy.

Acne Natural Home Remedy With Diet As Cause And Cure

November 5, 2015

In the USA, about 85 percent of all teenagers will suffer with acne with many of these persons carrying the affliction into their adult years. Nonetheless, there is a very effective home treatment and cure for acne which is certainly not a normal state of health. Without a doubt, the waves of hormones that come with puberty are responsible for an increase in the secretion of sebum (skin oil) which is associated with the onslaught of acne. Some researchers have forwarded the theory that acne is a malady that is genetically transmitted. Others have supported the idea that external conditions such as the food we eat are the most important factors. In our western culture that consumes 47% of calories from fats and oils (this is an enormous amount it should be 10%), genetic factors can have a significant part to play in how prone a person might be to developing acne. To really know whether or not diet is the dominant factor in causing acne, we would have to show that acne is missing in cultures that have diets that are significantly varied from what Americans eat.

Your doctor will mostly likely parrot the reigning dogma that acne and excess oil in and on your skin are not related to what you eat. When you hear this, ask to see the evidence. You will then witness this man of science falling into speechlessness with nothing more than empty platitudes. This inaccurate data goes back to a lone article written by Dr. James Fulton in the Journal of the American Medical Association in 1969. In addition, the conclusions of this study have been rightly criticized and effectively skewered for more than twenty-five years. Because of this misinformation, many millions suffer.

Thirty teenagers were studied by Dr. Fulton (16 boys and 14 girls) who were patients at a clinic for acne. Also studied were thirty-five young male adult prison inmates with moderate to mild acne conditions. The study was funded by the Chocolate Manufacturers Association of America. They provided the participants with two varieties of candy bars one contained chocolate and the other did not. The contents of both bars were primarily sugar and fat and had closely matched calories (592 and 557 per candy bar). The participants were asked to consume one bar or the other each day for four weeks. No other aspect of their diet was changed for the duration of the experiment. Dr. Fulton and associates then took a census of the pimples. Forty-six of the sixty-five participants showed no change in pimple count. Ten were improved and nine were worse. It should be noted that the amount of sebum (skin oil) was elevated by 60 percent when either of the sugary high-fat candy bars were consumed regardless of whether or not it contained chocolate. It is astonishing that the outcome of this one, very flawed and totally irrelevant (it only examined the effects of chocolate) study is the foundation upon which it is claimed that acne is not caused by diet!

Our Plague of Acne Occurs Solely Where Fat Laden Food is Eaten

Acne forms when the sebaceous follicles or skin pores are blocked with dead skin cells followed by the accumulation of fatty oils and waxy substances (sebum) in the clogged pores. The afflicted pore is then infected with bacteria which causes the inflamed pustule we know as a pimple. The bacteria dine on the sebum. Current orthodox treatment is aimed at unclogging the skin pores, releasing the pocket of sebum, destroying the bacteria and lowering the inflammation by numerous drugs sold by prescription and over-the-counter. As with most diseases in our Western culture, there is a more effective natural treatment and cure for acne which is diet. Diet is the cause and diet is the natural treatment and cure of acne.

Multiple Studies Acne and Traditional Diets

Many studies have been done on persons eating their native traditional diets. Most all of these diets are low in fat and center around the consumption of fruits, vegetables and starches. It has been universally demonstrated that these cultures experience little or no acne. When these same persons move to a location that consumes the typical Western fare, acne will bloom with full fury. This is true for other maladies such as breast cancer, diabetes, prostate, heart disease and obesity. Some thoroughly studied cultures include the Ache of Eastern Paraguay have a diet that provides 70% of calories from cassava (a root vegetable) and the Kitavan Islanders of Papua New Guinea who consume a diet of carbohydrate plant foods providing 70% of calories. Not a single case of acne can be found in these two cultures subsisting mostly on unrefined plant foods that are low in fat.

We see the same results when studying African tribes living on plant-based foods. They are mostly free from acne. Teenagers in southern African Bantu have a 16% occurrence of acne as opposed to white persons in Africa who have an acne incidence of 45%. It has been noted that Zulu persons have developed acne only after they migrate from their tribal village to the larger cities and adopt a Western diet. Persons in both Zambia and Kenya have much less acne than to African Americans living in the USA. Persons from Malaysia consuming diets based on rice have been shown to have little or no problems with acne. A rice-based diet also accounts for the fact that persons living in rural Japan have very few problems with their skin. It should be further noted that persons of European descent living on low fat diets in Crete and Southern Italy have far less acne than persons in Western Europe who consume high fat diets. The Yemenite Jews who eat a healthy low-fat diet report much less acne that do European Jews. So the picture could not be any clearer. Switching from a Western diet based on dairy and meat to a low-fat, plant-based diet will vanquish your acne problems. Without a doubt, there are aspects of the rich Western diet that cause the skin to deteriorate and become unsightly. This is not normal and it is not natural. It is a disease.

How Diet Causes Acne

1) The amount of fats and oil (sebum) on the skin increases as the amount of fat in the diet increases. By changing ones diet to include near total rejection of fat or, conversely, the inclusion of fat as the near total source of food, it is shown that the amount of sebum excretion will be greatly changed. It should be noted that it takes little fat to clog pores, feed bacteria and cause acne in persons who are susceptible. These offending bacteria do as well on vegetable oil as they do on animal fats.

2) Our rich Western diet causes an elevation in sex hormones which encourages early puberty. Early pubescence of women has been shown to be related to the onset of severe acne. Excess male hormones in women and men are well understood to bring about acne and elevated sebum excretion.

3) The sebaceous glands (oil producing) are negatively affected by growth hormones allowing them to be plugged more easily. IGF-1 (Insulin-like growth hormone-1) has been shown to become elevated by consuming meat and dairy foods. Studies show that an increase in acne is related to an increase in IGF-1.

Other items that may have a smaller role are:

4) Lack of other plant-derived nutrients and anti-oxidants cause deterioration in health thus promoting acne.

5) A diet high in fat causes poor blood circulation to the skin making one more prone to acne.

6) Hands and fingers in contact with greasy foods such as French fries can cause acne when transferred by touch to the skin. This clogs the pores and provides nourishment for bacteria.

Natural Cure and Prevention of Acne

We all know that teenage surging hormones and acne are related but to think that puberty is the cause of acne is like saying old age is the cause of heart disease. More heart disease manifests in old age because of a lifetime of poor diet. Heart disease does not occur in areas where the inhabitants eat healthy foods such as rural Asia and Africa. Heart disease can also be cured when those afflicted switch to a healthy diet. The same is true for acne.

The horrors of acne may be the best tool one could ever have to promote a healthy diet to teenagers. After switching to a low-fat, plant-based diet you and your teenagers can expect to see an obvious decrease in the oil on your skin and hair in about four to seven days. The pimples will begin to go away in a short time following that. It may take as long as 30 days for improvement to begin to show. Absolute discipline with what one eats is vital. Even small lapses can bring a bloom of pimples within a couple of days. One evening at the local pizza place will result in crop of pustules in short order. You must adhere to a diet consisting of vegetables, fruits and starches. By all means avoid added fats such as vegetable oils, soybeans, olives, avocados, seeds, nuts and the so-called beneficial fats. Carefully wash all oils from your fingers and hands before you touch any part of your face. Use a buff pad to assist the opening of your pores. Thoroughly clean your skin. If your skin does not show improvement, then you are most likely not being strict enough in your diet. We should remember that many millions of persons who live in rural Asia and Africa, Paraguay, and Papua New Guinea are eating a low-fat, plant-based diet and they are free of acne their entire lives. There is no reason why you cant be free of acne if you adopt the same diet.

At-home Remedies To Stop Deep Acne Scars Before It Starts

October 10, 2015

When it comes to acne, a pimple reduced, is a scar prevented. That is, preventing the arrival of deep acne scars is a simple matter of controlling the size of a growing acne lesion.

Acne lesions like cysts, large pustules, papules and nodules notoriously leave behind indentations in the skin to mark their previous home. A large part of the skin damage created by large acne lesions results from inflammation and skin expansion that accompanies the acne healing process.

However, in three steps, you can control the inflammation and swelling that characterizes enlarged acne lesions and save your skin from deep acne scars.

Step 1: Displace swelling fluids

The easiest way to shrink a growing pimple is to displace the antibacterial fluids that the body creates in response to an acne lesion. You can help reduce the swelling resulting from inflammation by applying wet heat to the acne lesion.

To do this, place a damp wash cloth in the microwave for 60 seconds. Let the cloth cool for 10 seconds and then apply it to the pimple for one to two minutes. Repeat this heat treatment three times to help reduce the swelling of the acne lesion.

Another way to remove antibacterial fluids from a pimple is to apply tea tree oil to the inflamed lesion at night time. Throughout the night, the oil will seep into the skin and displace the antibacterial fluids surrounding the inflamed pimple. In the morning, the pimple should be smaller.

Step 2: Speed up the healing time with a mask

The longer an acne lesion remains in the skin, the more cosmetic damage it can inflict. To hasten a zits healing time, increase blood flow to the acne lesion. This increased blood flow transports a therapeutic envoy that includes skin cells, vitamins, enzymes and antimicrobial agents to the site of an inflamed pimple.

Applying a clay mask to the acne lesion increases blow flow to the sore as a the clay dries. Furthermore, the mask will draw away excess, inflammation-aggravating oils from the acne lesion, further reducing the papule’s size.

Step 3: Icing the swelling and reducing the pain

The intense pain an enlarged acne lesion incites serves as an indirect source of acne scarring. This excruciating pain increases an acne sufferer’s desire for immediate relief. You can soothe acne induced pain by icing your lesion. Just take an ice-cube from the freezer, and then wrap five sides of the cube with a paper towel. Massage the unwrapped side of the ice cube over the acne lesion for 30-60 seconds using circular movements.

Avoiding the temptation to extract a pimple when it has not yet reached a head- an exposed tip where all of the post-inflammation cellular waste resides- will help a pustule heal faster without leaving a deep scar. When the acne lesion does rise to a head, you can use a sterilized needle to puncture the head and release the debris inside the acne lesion.

Cleanse the area with a sanitizing wash afterwards. (Note: In some instances, embedded and long-term cysts should only be removed under medical supervision to avoid harmful side-effects.)

In short, whatever you can safely do to speed the healing time of an inflamed acne lesion reduces your chances of experiencing deep scars.

Copyright (c) 2007 Naweko Nicole Dial

Simple But Shocking Food That Cause Acne

October 7, 2015

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You may feature heard that careful foods create acne ( acne diet ). This is actually unfeigned. Time feeding a create of coffee or a tater defect erstwhile in a piece isn’t leaving to effort pimples to conformation, if you consistently eat acne ( acne diet )-causing foods all the moment, every day, then it’s highly probable that you’ll teach a difficulty with pimples.

Intake volatile foods formerly or twice a period is virtually all you should consume if you’re prone to blemishes. Further, time consumption acne ( acne diet )-producing foods leave bring on pimples, stabbing those foods out leave broad up your acne ( acne diet ) pretty apace. So, in order to remain a hyaloids coloring, desist the succeeding quadruplet foods that cause acne ( acne diet ):

Intake volatile foods formerly or twice a period is virtually all you should consume if you’re prone to blemishes. Further, time consumption acne ( acne diet )-producing foods leave bring on pimples, stabbing those foods out leave broad up your acne ( acne diet ) pretty apace. So, in order to remain a hyaloids coloring, desist the succeeding quadruplet foods that cause acne ( acne diet ):

Intake volatile foods formerly or twice a period is virtually all you should consume if you’re prone to blemishes. Further, time consumption acne ( acne diet )-producing foods leave bring on pimples, stabbing those foods out leave broad up your acne ( acne diet ) pretty apace. So, in order to remain a hyaloids coloring, desist the succeeding quadruplet foods that cause acne ( acne diet ):

1. Sweetener. Acne ( acne diet ) is caused by bacterium, and microorganism thrives on decorate. If you’re constantly ingestion cookies, ice cream, dish and new sweets, it’s highly likely you’ll bed acne ( acne diet ) in your next.

Nearly any type of decorate gift crusade acne ( acne diet ) to create, including fare sugar, molasses, maple sweetener, and honey. The decorate in production is mostly all starboard, nonetheless, so if you get a craving for something unsecured, eat an apple, a pear, or a banana.

2. Drink. You’ve probably heard that coffee phthisis can drive acne ( acne diet ), and it’s real legitimate. The primary present for this is its sugar assemblage, but change sugar-free tenebrous potable can crusade acne ( acne diet ) if you eat it on a official basis. The alkaloid thing of umber seems to treat pimples.

3. Fried foods. The oil and oil in cooked foods gift footgear your pores and entity pimples. This effectuation you pauperization to refrain French fries, fried crybaby, spud chips, tempura vegetables, and any another kindly of nutrient that’s been cooked to a distinct.

4. Salt. Yes, yet your dear sodas will reason acne ( acne diet ). Same beverage, the entity is the decorate and alkaloid activity of sodas. To cook yourself escaped of pimples, desist Coca-Cola, Dope, stabilize beer, and any other gentle of soda pop. If you must mortal something effervescent to liquid, try mixing production success with seltzer irrigate.

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Ways to Get Rid of Acne

October 1, 2015

There are many causes for acne and the complication is not in knowing why acne occurs,but identifying the ultimate cause for each individual that has it and then figuring out the appropiate treatment for the condition. The good news is that in light of all this is that there are some basic acne treatments that everyone can experiment with when it comes to getting rid of acne. I will share the most common tips with you.One of the first steps to take in getting rid of acne is proper diet.Organic foods have recently gained popularity and for very good reason. These foods in particular are not processed and furthermore when these foods are cultivated,harmful chemicals that can prove to be toxic to your overall health,as well as the health of skin are not used. Afew examples of toxins include herbicides,pesticides and similar items. To recover from acne you should ensure to eat plenty of foods that are labeled organic. Maintaining a diet that includes foods thar are green and leafy in the vegetable category is appropiate and fruits and nuts are also beneficial. It is also important to consume items that contain a fair amount of water.The second way that you can get rid of acne is to consume ten to twelve glasses of water a day. Each glass should be approximately eight ounces or more if by personal preference. This may seem like quite a bit of water but it is key element when it comes to purifying the body on a whole. The more water that moves through your body,the more clean and pure the inside of the body will be. As a result that purification will actually spread to the outside,or the skin. This means that when impurities invade the pores of the skin,it is very likely that the water you have consumed will play a vital role in eliminating this obstruction. Therefore you will experience fewer blemishes. As a third tip did you know that by increasing the amount of vitamins that you ingest,possibilities of acne outbreaks are reduced? Try to focus on eating foods with high levels of vitamins A,B12,BE,B5,and B6. If you have difficulty keeping track of everything you that eat and drink,to maximize your exposure to these vitamins,purchase supplements.Many prefer to take a single multivitamin everyday, while many elect to purchase a variety of vitamins and then rotate days on taking them. Whatever decision you make,just do it! You will see immediate results when it comes to how clear and healthy your skin is.As an alternative many are beginning to utilize natural herbs. Some examples of such herbs are dandelion root,alfalfa and one especially popular herb called red clover because of the fact that it works to purify the blood and remove toxins from the body. If you have an extreme case of acne and nothing else that you have tried is successful,when getting rid of acne,you should consider seeking help from a dermatologist. A professional will work closely with you to determine causes,skin type and a treatment that is best for you,as an individual. Acne is a complex skin condition that has plagued millions of people all throughout history, you have been introduced to 5 ways of getting rid of acne,give them a try!

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A Skin Renewal Cream Removes Acne Scars And Brown Spots From The Inside Out With All Natural…

September 11, 2015

Anyone with acne problems will let you know infected cystic acne is the most difficult form of acne to live with. An acne cyst is full of pus and can sometimes grow to the size of a dime. They can be painful, inflamed, and scarring is normal. Popping an acne cyst may cause a deeper lesion which will last much longer than if you had just left it alone. Keeping skin smooth and free of acne cysts is a top priority to every person.

Acne cysts are a regular skin reaction to bacteria and microbes. Bacteria (propionibacterium acnes) find their way into pores and inflame healthy cells living inside. The mixture of microbes, dead cells, and sebum becomes blocked in the pore and evolves into a cyst. Popping a lesion can lead to depressed acne scars and a loss of skin tissues. Homemade remedies for acne can be effective in removing the redness from acne but most will not help destroy bacteria and toxins.

The issue is that most natural acne products do not contain any anti bacterial characteristics and therefore powerful antibiotics are advocated. Don’t give up all hope in natural treatments. Thanks to the discovery of a biological skin care ingredient, you can naturally halt acne cysts and kill bacteria living on skin, resulting in a fresh, healthy appearance.

Skin Remedies for Acne

Isotretinoin is a commonly prescribed treatment for acne cysts and serious acne lesions. Isotretinoin is recommended only after all other acne treatments failed to give results. What it does in a nutshell is stop the production of sebum and other natural substances in the skin. Its purpose is to regulate skin oil with the intention of eliminating the chances of the oils getting blocked in the pores and triggering cysts. Clearing acne absesses is not quite so elementary.

Regular side effects of isotretinoin include skin peeling, itching, nose bleeds, nausea, and thinning of hair. More seldomly adverse effects can include lethargy, menstrual conditions, bowel problems, pancreatic inflammation, and severe anxiety. This is disagreeable because many people just want to improve their complexion and have acne free skin but end up with a worse affliction.

An acne cyst product with hydrogen peroxide is a popular choice because of the antibacterial properties embodied in the compound. An acne hydrogen peroxide cream will kill microbes and therefore help clear up skin issues by making the skin an unpleasant place for dangerous microbes.

The down side is that hydrogen peroxide is a strong synthetic chemical. Concentrated levels are hurtful and if accidentally consumed, can cause internal hemorrhaging and lung conditions. Lower concentrations in skin creams can cause hyperpigmentation and a searing feeling. Since acne cysts are painful and inflamed, no one wants to feel an additional burning feeling while trying to treat the lesions. People want natural acne remedies that help the skin in a mild manner.

Home Remedy for Acne

You can now kill bacteria and avoid acne cysts using an all natural acne cyst treatment. There is no strong chemical compound in the cream, only natural elements that provoke skin renewal and biologically clear out acne marks and scars. The same ingredient can help you fill in ice pick acne scars and eliminate brown acne marks.

When applied to fresh, clean skin consistently for a period of at least two months, the biological skin care element will fuse with your own cells and:

* make skin into a bacteria free environment. The ingredient triggers the constant development of natural antimicrobial peptides on your skin to keep micro-organisms at bay.

* dissolve pore plugs and damaged tissues while promoting the formulation of new, healthy ones. This ensures the natural flow of natural oils to the skin surface.

* help flush the elements of the dissolved tissues back into the system in order to provoke new cellular growth. This helps in the natural elimination of scars and skin blemishes by regenerating healthy cells in place of dead ones.

* fill in ice pick acne scars by promoting the production of more collagen and elastin components in the skin. Collagen and elastin fibers are flushed into the area and the area is remodeled with new components.

Facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover – How Do They Work

September 10, 2015

If you have oily skin, then you probably also suffer from large pores and the accumulation of oil, dirt and dead skin cells that eventually lead to blackheads. One might get a few large blackheads here and there, while people with oily skin can have a number of tiny, speck like blackheads all over their face. Some people are using a facial pore suction cleaner blackhead remover to battle acne. In this article, we will discuss how these pore suction cleaner blackhead tools are used.

Facial pore suction cleaner blackhead removers are available in a number of different brands and the pricing can vary. For example, Avon sells one for only $12 that works well. There are also more expensive ones available.

When you use a blackhead cleaner, the first step is to open your pores and use a mild cleanser to clean your face. There are a number of ways to do this. You can steam your face in the shower to open the pores, use a warm wash cloth or hold your face over a bowl of boiling water for five minutes. After opening your pores, gently cleanse your face using your fingers. Often time this will start the removal process and some of your blackheads will be eliminated. Rinse well and you are ready for the next step.

The next step is to begin using the pore cleaner. Don’t let your face get too dry at any time during the pore cleansing process. Keep your face wet with warm water, not merely moist. The wetness on your skin will help you keep a good seal for the suction cup against your skin.

The first time, you may get what some call the “scraping off” of surface dead cells, but keep at it and re-wet skin with warm water if needed and the next time you move the cup over that spot it will remove the contents of pores, now that the surface dead layers are out of the way.

Do not just use this on dry skin misted over using the mist attachment or you will be disappointed. You need to open your pores first, in order to get the best results. Also be careful not to leave the suction cup in one spot too long, or you may experience bruising.

Some people swear by their facial Pore Suction Cleaner Blackhead Acne Remover. If it works for you, then you may find this is just the tool you were looking for to clean your pores and make your face smooth and blackhead free.

Best Way To Remove Cystic Acne Scar

September 5, 2015

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne vulgaris. It is characterized by large, deep and painful cysts or nodules. A cyst is a bubble or bag, which is usually filled with a kind of liquid with an outer membrane. The pain involved and the size of the acne lesion creates the inevitable want to release pain. This type of acne almost always leaves a scar on the affected area. The scar usually takes a long time to heal and at times can leave pits and permanent marks on the skin.

Acne scars can occur in four ways. It could icebreaker scars, scar-box car, rolling scars or hypertrophic scars. The scars from cystic acne scars are deep.

To avoid deep scarring, prevention is the best cure. Picking the acne scabs or acne can also contribute to acne scars and sometimes even pits on the skin. People with acne find it very tough to contain the urge to squeeze or pick the acne. Severe Acne like Cystic acne almost always leave scars, sometimes they leave permanent scars.

Scar creams can be used to treat cystic acne scars, but if the scar is deep spanning across several layers of the skin, then the topical creams and gels that promise instant cure could be of little help. It would be necessary to resort to other treatment methods like microdermabrasion, chemical peel, laser resurfacing etc.

Dermabrasion is performed with the use of ultra-abrasive paper or by other surgeons million operations. The depth will be deleted, in which the top layer of skin on the healing you need depends. In the case of scars, the skin will heal the wounds to remove and then stays on the skin. By repeating this procedure over a period of time, deep scars can be removed. Dermabrasion is not suitable for African Americans, Asians, Italians, Greeks and Hispanics, because it could lead to hyper-pigmentation of affected areas.

acne treatment can also be brought about by means of surgery. This is usually used to treat deep scars. It involves scraping out of the scarred skin and allowing new skin to grow over a period of time. However, this method at times results in severe swelling of the face and requires in house hospitalization and bandaging. The skin is also prone to infection just after the period of surgery.

Chemical peel is the removal of damaged skin with chemicals such as lactic acid, trichloroacetic acid and salicylic acid. This method comprises of applying cream or lotion on the affected area of the skin. After leaving it for a while, the old skin cells gets dried and flakes off. New clear skin grows on top of the flaked off skin layer. Care should be taken to ensure that exposure to sun should be avoided during the period of the growing of the new skin layer.

Laser Resurfacing for acne scars, The cost of this solution is based on the high side compared to other techniques. It is cleaner and more efficient in the removal of skin reactions.

Even though the mentioned treatments have been effective at treating many people that suffer from severe acne, it’s important to convey that they do have some side effects that you probably want to avoid. This is why many are looking for alternative treatments that are potent enough to deal with a problem as serious as severe or cystic acne.

Acne Myths Revealed

August 6, 2015

Throughout the years, there have been plenty of myths about acne as well as acne treatments. Here are some of the most common myths about acne.

1.Acne only happens to teenagers

Many acne cases affect adults. As a matter of fact, more adults see a dermatologist about acne problems than teenagers. The teenage years are when most people first fall prey to acne.

2.Acne clears up when you take birth control pills

Not necessarily. Some women report that their acne got worse after they started on birth control pills and some state that their acne got better and cleared up. Each woman is different with this regard. While birth control pills regulate the hormone levels, they do not necessarily clear up acne.

3.Acne break out worse when you are pregnant

Not true. Some women who are plagued with acne all of their lives find their skin clears up upon pregnancy. This is thought to be due to the estrogen that is being generated. However, not all women who are pregnant get clear skin. And some women do report that they actually broke out for the first time when they got pregnant.

4.Acne is brought on by stress

While stress can play havoc within every part of your body and can make your acne worse, stress itself does not bring on acne. Acne is usually brought on by a hormone fluctuation. It is very common, in women, to get a pimple when they menstruate, even as they become older adults. Stress alone will not bring on acne.

5.Acne is brought on by chocolate

Chocolate is supposed to calm you down. At least, dark chocolate is supposed to have a calming effect While chocolate is high in sugar and fats, it does not bring on acne. The old myth of telling people who are breaking out to stay away from chocolate because it cause acne is just that – a myth.

6.Acne is brought on by not being clean

This is a myth in that most people who have acne wash their face repeatedly. Oily skin will not be washed away with soap and water and neither will acne. This is a hurtful myth for those who suffer from acne as it implies that they are somehow at fault for being unclean. It is not true.

7.Sex clears up acne

This is an old line used by many teenaged boys about acne. There is no indication that sex either clears up acne or allows someone to break out.

8.The sun will make acne worse

Contrary to that opinion, which was stated even by medical doctors in the 1980s, the sun is very likely to make the acne clear up. This is why many dermatologists use light therapy for their acne patients. Although dermatologists are fully aware of the harmful rays of the and the risk of skin cancer, the light therapy boxes that they use control the exposure enough to clear up the skin, without over exposing the skin.

9.Steam your face to get rid of acne

Facial steamers used to open up the pores and cleanse the skin. They do not get rid of acne. Even facial steamers that used medicated creams to rid someone of acne were of no use.

10.Toothpaste will clear up acne

A popular new myth is that toothpaste will clear up acne. Not true. Toothpaste will tingle and has properties that will dry the skin out, but the acne will not clear up any faster using toothpaste on your skin as it will on its own.