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Radiology equipment- required for identifying a disease

July 21, 2015

There are many streams of medical sciences which have adopted modern techniques to treat the patient in less time and without giving so much pain. Radiology is one of them which have been made totally instrumental in examining diseases and irregularities occur inside the body of a patient. There are various means of examining condition of a patient such as fluoroscopy, radiography, CT scan, etc. To carry out all the above procedures the most important factor which plays a vital role in diagnosing the condition of the patient is the right choice of radiology equipment.

If you want to choose the right equipment for identifying the appropriate condition of the patient then there are various options available in front of you. Due to the availability of large number of equipments it is quite obvious to get confused among all of them. In these circumstances it is important for you to make a deep research before making a firm decision about the purchase of any particular machine. The buyer should consider present as well as future requirements as these devices are generally very expensive and he can not afford to change them quite often. It is better for every buyer to clarify all his doubts and queries before hand to avoid the further

You must be thinking that when a person wants to buy something what is the most important factor which matters a lot for him? The answer to your question is the reliability of equipment. It is understood that machinery requires regular service to work properly but if the equipment demands for considerable expenditure in terms of maintenance then you should definitely switch over to any other option. As you all know that radiology equipment is itself an expensive device and on top of that if it demands further expenses then it proves to be quite a heavy task for long period.

It is very important to pay stress to the features that you want in the equipment so that you can easily fulfill all the needs of your profession.

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Lee Bond shares his views about radiology equipment. He is a renowned radiology expert who has over 10 years of experience in the field, and another 10 as a regular surgeon.For more information, please visit digital mammography.

Neurological Disease Treatment In India

July 18, 2015

Do you have any plan to go for a high risk brain or spine operation in the near future? The medical facilities provide in India may persuade you to having your neurological disease treatment in India at some of the famous super specialty hospitals in India. With the latest technology and some of the leading neurosurgeons in the world, you can rest assured that you are getting the best medical care services. Wherever you are hailing from, you will find a super specialty hospital in India to be one of the finest medical centers hubs in the world.

If youve decided to go for neurological disease treatment in India at our specialty hospital, Medanta, Gurgaon can be your first choice; here you will have access to some of the worlds best treatment in the world.

Founded by eminent cardiac surgeon, Dr. Naresh Trehan, the institute has been envisioned with the aim of bringing to India the highest standards of medical care along with clinical research, education and training.

Dr. Ahay Jha is chairman of the Institute of Neurosciences. This super specialty hospital in India has a dedicated team of doctors with the latest technology which provides a comprehensive and multi-disciplinary approach for disorders of brain and spine. The whole team consists of highly qualified neurologists, neurosurgeons, intervention neuro-radiologist and other displaces and provide the best possible medical care to patients.

The institute works on the philosophy of patient first treatment which is based on protocols of transparent evaluation of outcomes which will not only ensure proper patient management but will also pave the way for an academic environment. This super specialty hospital in India has facilities for emergency services for the management of acute neurological disorders, advanced neuro-imaging techniques (a 3 Tesla MRI, 256 slice CT scan, PET scan), dedicated neurosurgery and neurology ICUs.

Topical aganirsen found to be active in retinal disease – China Yag Laser Hair Removal Machine

June 16, 2015

Gene Signal, a company focused on developing innovative drugs tomanage angiogenesis based conditions, has announced that positivedata from a study of aganirsen (GS-101, eye drops) in a nonhumanprimate model of choroidal neovascularization has been presented atthe 2012 ARVO Annual Meeting in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Topicaladministration of aganirsen was found to inhibit neovascular growthand leakage in this model and strongly suggests a role for the drugcandidate in human retinal neovascular diseases such as wetage-related macular degeneration (AMD) and ischemic retinopathy. Gene Signal’s aganirsen is anantisense oligonucleotide that is expected to complete a phase IIItrial for the treatment of progressive neovascularisation in thecornea in 2012. Clinical studies in retinal diseases are scheduleto begin during the second quarter 2012.

“This study demonstrates the ability of aganirsen to addressneovascularization formation in the retina by inhibiting theexpression of the angiogenic protein IRS-1. Importantly, this isachieved without affecting normal vascularisation,” noted Dr.Matthew Lawrence of RxGen, Inc, who presented the data. “With thedemand for new, effective antiangiogenic agents that are easier touse in the treatment of several eye diseases growing, we believethese data strongly support a role for aganirsen.” Aganirsen blocks pathological neovascularization by inhibitingIRS-1. Clinical studies to date have shown that aganirsen is ableto safely and effectively inhibit the development of progressivecorneal neovascularization secondary to infectious keratitis orchemical burns both of which could lead to corneal graftreplacement. t.

“A topical agent for neovascular disease would revolutionizetreatment. There is a huge unmet need for many opthalmologicaldiseases including AMD, ischemic retinopathy and certain forms of glaucoma ,” noted Eric Viaud, CEO of Gene Signal. “To confirm the manyadvantages that topical aganirsen could offer over currentlyavailable drugs, we intend to begin Phase II clinical evaluation inthe next few months. We also acknowledge that a group of worldleading experts have agreed to discuss the future development ofaganirsen during the current ARVO conference. Their insight isinvaluable and gratefully accepted by our team.” Study Details: Aganirsen (topical emulsion) was applied daily innon-human primates following laser induced choroidalneovascularisation (CNV), a model of wet age-related maculardegeneration (AMD).

Retinal aganirsen concentrations were assessedin monkeys following topical delivery (21.5, 43 or 86 g). Aganirsenwas found to inhibit dose-dependently neovascular lesiondevelopment, with the incidence of high-grade CNV lesions (gradeIV, as measured by fluorescein signal intensity) decreasing from20.5% in vehicle-treated animals to 1.7% (p 0.05) in animalstreated with the highest dose of Aganirsen (86 g/day). The sizeof neovascularization complexes was also significantly lower ineyes receiving high dose and low dose aganirsen (p 0.0001)compared with vehicle-treated eyes. Additional References Citations.

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May 20, 2015


Introduction It also called as polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS). It is group of symptoms related to more than one system of body. Prevalence of Polycystic ovarian disease is increasing now days as lifestyle is modifying. PCOS can present in any age during the reproductive years. It causes infertility if it is associated with absent menstrual periods, lack of ovulation. Not all women with PCOS have polycystic ovaries (PCO), nor do all women with ovarian cysts have PCOS. PCOS can be helped with Homeopathic medicines. If the Homeopathic remedy is selected correctly then the hormonal imbalance in PCOS can be corrected.

Causes Hereditary if any family history of PCOD. Disturbed hormonal balance in body particularly Follicle stimulating hormone (FSH) Luteinizing hormone (LH) Androgen secreted by ovary Estrogen and progesterone secreted by ovaries Obesity Hypothyroidism Insulin resistance diabetes.

Symptoms Common symptoms Irregular, scanty, or absent menstrual periods. Masculine look in females. Growing of unwanted hairs on chin above upper lips Acne pustular or red on face related to menses. Obesity Severe abdomen and back pain before, during menses It can be associated with diabetes type 2, hypothyroidism. Infertility Skin eruptions like acanthuses nigricans Serum insulin and resistance resistance levels are significantly higher in subjects having PCOS but have no significant effect on fertility. It can be controlled with medicine. Dos /Don’ts

Successful weight loss is the most effective method of restoring normal ovulation/menstruation, but many women find it very difficult to achieve. Start Diet control, consulting expert

Investigations Ultrasonography of abdomen Complete blood count ,ESR Lipid profile Investigating hormonal levels in body Role of Homeopathy in PCOD Homeopathy offers tremendous scope in the treatment of PCOD. Functional changes in hormonal level and their secretion can be treated by homeopathy. Complication of PCOD can be resisted with regular treatment of homeopathy. Emotional health gets disturbed and Homeopathic medicine will take care of it in gentle way without producing any side effects. In insulin resistant Diabetes require team work with other faculty of medicine expert for limited period to avoid unwanted complication. Homeopathic medicine is to be taken after consulting Homeopathic physician. Homeopathic treatment stimulates the ones own system to regularize the secretion of hormone. Thus it helps in normalizing the imbalance created by the disease. While taking case the Homeopathic physician takes the detail history. This history consists of both physical and mental plane of the patient. After this constitutional medicine is prescribed to delay and prevent the progression of the disease. Homeopathy medicine should be taken after consulting Homeopathic physician.

All About Adrenal Disease

May 11, 2015

Do you know any regarding adrenal disease? In fact, there are many adrenal-related illnesses. Before we’re able to talk more about the adrenal disease, we should be familiar with some basic things about adrenals first.

Principally, the adrenals are two relatively crescent-shaped glands that are noticed lying over the upper pole of each kidney. Each one adrenal gland contains internal layers that yield totally different substances. The intrinsic section, or adrenal medulla, manufactures epinephrine and norepinephrine, also named adrenaline and noradrenaline. These kind of hormones are the “fight or flight” hormones which are released in potentially “life or death” situations.Their release enhances heartrate and blood pressure level and diverts extra blood towards the brain, heart, and skeletal muscles. This is important when ever talking about tension and adrenal fatigue.

The adrenal cortex can be found away from adrenal medulla and reacts to a different form of stress. This is when the steroid hormones are made. These include cortisone, hydrocortisone, testosterone, estrogen, 17-hydroxy-ketosteroids, DHEA, DHEA sulfate, pregnenolone, aldosterone, androstenedione, progesterone, and some other hormones which are intermediates in production. Several hormones may also be made elsewhere within the body, yet aldosterone, cortisone, and hydrocortisone are produced only in the adrenal glands.

The hormone aldosterone, in concert with the kidneys, supervises the balance of sodium and potassium within the body. This unique regulation is very important to numerous areas of physiological function, such as the ability to react to anxiety and also to maintain fluid balance. It also contributes to maintenance of blood pressure.

In conclusion, as what we can see, the adrenals are generally playing the primary part within our body especially for the hormone creation. Hormone control is amongst the most important systems in our body too. Without correct hormone regulation, numerous health conditions will be stimulated. With this easy article, I really hope that we can at least have in mind the elements of adrenal. Next, we shall start to discuss about the adrenal diseases with my next article.

This article is written by Kok Siong. He owns a website called Malaysia Cancer Website.

Backbone Diseases

May 6, 2015

The Backbone, medically termed as the Vertebral Column or the Spine is a framework of little bones known as the vertebrae. These vertebrae are inter-connected to each other and fused to form this network of the spine. The function of the vertebral column is to support the body. It provides stability, movement and housing to the spinal cord and spinal nerves situated just below the brain on the posterior side of the body.

As the vertebral column is comprised of many bones and we know that bone is a living tissue. Therefore, the vertebral column is subjected to have many infections and diseases like any other tissue tends to have. Vertebral column gives the articulation point to the main network of nerves that is the spinal cord. Hence defect in nerves can also cause disturbance in the vertebral column.

Next region that comes is the Thoracic Region and the vertebrae present here are the “Thoracic Vertebrae”. Twelve bones after the cervical vertebrae are situated in this region. These bones make up the Rib Cage and are larger in size rather than the cervical vertebrae. The size of the thoracic vertebrae increases from top to bottom.

There are many diseases that can be caused in the vertebral column. Some of them are Osteoporosis, Osteosarcoma, Spondylolisthesis, and Osteoarthritis. Osteoporosis is a disease in which the bones become fragile due to decrease in the density of bone. This disease actually leads to a porous bone which is soft and compressible. Osteosarcoma is also known as the cancer of bones. This happens in the tissue of the bone due to a cancerous tumor that destroys the normal tissue. It arises from the osteoid tissue of the bone.

Spondylolisthesis is defined as the frontward or the rearward movement of the vertebrae in the column. This occurs due to the slippage of the pars articularis discs present between the vertebrae. The backbone loses its original shape and the patient suffers from chronic pains. Osteoarthritis is a disease caused due to the defect in the joints between the bones. Synovium is a membrane in the joints which secretes a fluid to lubricate the joints otherwise friction might be caused which can lead to Osteoarthritis. If the secretion is reduced, the person is more likely to have the disease.

Kissing Disease Mono

April 26, 2015

Mono, also known as the kissing disease can be very dangerous and should be carefully treated. Mono the kissing disease is called that because it is often spread through saliva and close contact often made in sexual positions. Mono is most common in middle school and high school aged people.

Drinking a cup of apple cider vinegar and honey can be helpful in the treatment of mononucleosis. The acidity of the apple cider vinegar will flush away toxins and cleanse the back of the throat while honey acts as a lubricant to provide sore throat relief. Drinking frequently as needed will ease the pain and accelerate recovery. This specific treatment of mononucleosis is excellent for providing an immediate remedy to this problem.

There is no treatment or drug for the kissing disease mono, however, because it is a cold based virus it will usually go away after it has run its course. Each individual symptom may be treated by getting plenty of bed rest, drinking plenty of fluids, gargling warm salt water and using cough drops. Tylenol which contains acetaminophen or Ibuprofen may be taken to help control any fever.

Garlic is something that has been shown to treat many infections and that includes Mononucleosis. It has natural antibiotics and can help the body fight infection naturally. It is best to buy crushed garlic, but if a person wishes; he or she can buy it in supplement form.

Some of the other self mononucleosis treatments include throat lozenges and gargling with warm water so that you can soothe your throat. You need to make sure that you do not become dehydrated and that you are constantly drinking fluids. Depending on how sick you are, determines the amount of rest that you are going to need. If you are very sick, then you should not do anything that consists of lots of moving around. One of the worst things that you can do is to go out and play some sort of contact sport.

Mono the kissing disease is a serious illness that can be very dangerous if left untreated. If you think that you might have mono you should not hesitate and go visit a doctor. Be safe and be healthy!

Diseases Of The Eye In Chinese Tibetan Medicine

April 20, 2015

Chinese Tibetan MedicineTibetan medicine has a unique way of dealing with the eyes. It is claimedthat the eye can be divided into four palaces, namely, the Bone Palace thatprotects the eye from external danger; the Fat Palace, a white wheel tissue thatprotects the eyeball; the Queen Palace of the Pupil in the form of a bee hive and a thin membrane transparent like a crystal mirror; and the Water Palace in the middle of the eye, full of transparent fluid.
The etiology of eye disorder includes immoderate diets, daily life, causing abnormality of the blood and mkhris pa. The disorders are of 2 types, cold and heat. Heat type eye disorders are mainly caused by over-consumption of onion, garlic, sour wine, and decayed flesh, resulting in excessive mkhris pa in the blood; the cold type is mainly due to immoderate eating in general leading to exuberant badkan and rlung Disease.
Eye disorders come in five kinds, eye palpebra, trachoma (sandy eyes), nebula,blurring, and cataract (eye barrier).

Palpebral disorder: caused by affected rlung manifested by lachrymation,with a gritty sensation like sand in the eyes; secretion of purulent mucus or even blood may occur. In case mkhris pa is affected, the eyes will be reddened and painful, with itching and sometimes erosion and pus; when the blood is affected, the eye pain is severe, with a small rash distributed over the whole area; when badkan is affected, there are white spots in the eye, and, although not very painful, the palpebra are stuck together by mucus; when the three elements of flung, mkhris pa, and badkan are all affected, the eyelashes curl back and the eyes become swollen; burning pain, lachrymation and dilatation of the pupil may also occur.
There are two kinds of trachoma (sandy eye), namely damp and dry. Dry trachoma manifests itself in dry eyes, with burning and astringent pain, lachrymation when facing the wind; damp trachoma manifests itself in photophobia, burning pain, and lachrymation when facing wind.
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Mesothelioma Disease Facts – Chemotherapy As A Treatment For Mesothelioma

March 5, 2015

After response to the treatment has been determined, the following criteria will be used to decide whether chemotherapy should continue:

1. If there is shrinkage of the tumor, or the disease is kept stable, chemotherapy may be continued for as long as it can be tolerated and there is no disease progression.

2. If there is continued disease progression, chemotherapy will be stopped, and the patient will be given alternative options.

One of the most common side effects, and one your doctor will monitor carefully, is a chemotherapy-induced low white blood cell count (neutropenia) which means your immune system is weakened, therefore leaving you more prone to infection. While this side effect is anticipated when someone is undergoing chemotherapy, it can cause delays in your treatment schedule, or changes in the dosage of the drugs you will receive. Most chemotherapy drugs have specific side effects such as nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite, hair loss, and increased vulnerability to infection.

Understanding the various chemotherapy options and available treatments often helps patients and their loved ones make the best decision for their personal situation. Deciding which chemotherapy option is the best treatment for specific mesothelioma cases depends on a number of factors, including the type of mesothelioma, the stage of the disease, and other treatment being administered. Factors such as overall physical health and age are also taken into consideration when detailing a chemotherapy treatment plan. Many mesothelioma patients will consider chemotherapy as a treatment option.

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Heart Disease Treatment – The Latest And Safest Type Of Chelation Therapy For Heart Disease

January 16, 2015

Chelation therapy for heart disease is known to be effective against arthrosclerosis and removing build-ups against the arterial walls. But this method is done intravenously which is invasive enough to cause side effects or complications. Who would have thought that EDTA Oral chelation is now available? It is much safer that you would not have to stress yourself with such worries.

Arthrosclerosis is the most common cause of heart attacks or stroke. It could result into various complications if the patient has not sought early treatment. It is common on those who are obese, have a sedentary lifestyle, those who lack exercise, older people, women and who have known history of heart problems. Arthrosclerosis results from the build-ups of fats and other minerals in the arterial walls. Others are just blood clots that haven’t dissolved. These build-ups or thromboses if become unattached on the arterial walls could end up floating inside the artery and could be carried anywhere inside the circulatory system. It could block certain arteries that could result into heart attack or stroke. If these build-ups just stayed inside the artery, it doesn’t mean that you are safe. It could also partially or completely block the flow of blood and could result into “myocardial ischemia” or the insufficient oxygen supply in the heart muscles which could lead into symptoms like angina pectoris and chest congestions. Either ways, you’re life is still in

EDTA chelation is a kind of treatment used in dissolving these plaques or thromboses inside the arteries. It is done intravenously with the use of EDTA medium that could dissolve the minerals or plaque build-ups. It could also dissolve blood clots or thromboses inside the arteries. This method is an invasive procedure with a lot of side effects including nausea and vomiting. It can also cause complications and risks for infection and intoxication in the blood.

In this present time, due to the high rise of research and inventions for the treatment of cardiovascular problems like arthrosclerosis, new treatments and alternative remedies have come up in the market. EDTA Oral chelation is now available as an alternative therapy for intravenous chelation. Most people prefer to use this because it is less invasive and known to have low risk for complications.

EDTA Oral chelation has been patronized by many people. So, if you are looking for a safer method, this one could be the answer for your worries. Don’t let arthrosclerosis take control of your life and your future. Find the best chelation therapy for heart disease now.

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