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Herbal Remedies Don’t Always Work the Same For Everyone

November 18, 2015

If you’ve ever researched around the web, or asked your friends
and family, about how different herbal remedies work… or if you’ve
ever tried to find out if a certain home or herbal remedy will work for a
specific problem, you’ve most likely found many conflicting opinions
and results. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to find people who say
something works wonderfully, and other people who say the exact same
thing didn’t help them in any way.

If you think about this though,
you may realize the exact same thing happens with over-the-counter
medications, and even prescription drugs too. Some people will
experience great results with a specific herb, medicine, or approach to
any health problem. Other people unfortunately, experienced no results
at all, or they have side effects that others didn’t.

Most people
don’t fully realize this, but herbal remedies and alternative medicines
act in similar ways to prescription drugs. Sometimes a specific herbal
remedy will work wonderfully for the purpose it was used for. Other
times unfortunately, it does not seem to work at all. The reasons for
this are simple: everybody is different.

Each person’s body will
respond differently to different things. And each person’s body has its
own unique issues, problems, or complications that can change how it
will react to any type of medicine, whether it’s in herbal medicine or a
prescription drug.

For example, one person may have an allergy
they’re not aware of. Another person may have other health issues they
are not aware of. And each of these people probably has different eating
habits and lifestyles too. All of these things contribute to medicines
reacting differently within each body.

When it comes to using
herbal remedies and natural medicines, some people end up seeing no
results at all and they’re very confused or frustrated. The most common
reason for this though is what might be called user error. When someone
tries to self diagnose their health issues, especially if they are not
overly knowledgeable about health problems, conditions, or diseases,
they are more likely to diagnose themselves wrong. If they start with
the wrong diagnosis, they are probably choosing the wrong treatment as
well. Imagine if you try to take something simple like cough syrup in an
effort to reduce fever. That wouldn’t work well at all would it? And
that’s the problem with inexperienced people who try to use herbal
remedies to treat problems too. They may not know exactly what’s wrong,
or they may not know enough about the herbs they’re using to treat the

One example you might find online frequently is herbal
and home remedies for kidney stones. Reading through the various
alternative health and herbal remedy websites and message boards, you
will quickly find that a very effective remedy for kidney stones is
simple lemon juice. Most people rave about how well lemon juice breaks
up their kidney stones and resolves the problem quickly. Others however,
are very frustrated and angry because this remedy did not work for

What most people don’t seem to know however, is that
there is more than one type of kidney stone. A calcium kidney stone is
the most common type people get. In fact about 80% of anyone who gets
kidney stones get a calcium type of kidney stone. Plain old lemon juice,
and even homemade lemonade, works amazingly well at dissolving a
calcium type of kidney stone. There is a small chance though that
someone could have kidney stones which are not calcium-based. In fact,
there are three other types of kidney stones. These types are much more
rare of course, but they do not dissolve as easily, or sometimes at all,
with lemon juice. So if you were to try the lemon juice remedy for
non-calcium-based kidney stones, you might assume home remedies don’t
work at all because it didn’t work on yours.

There are also many
types of home remedies and herbal medicines which worked excellently for
specific conditions. The same herbal remedies may not work as well as
another herb might though. This frequently happens because people have
gotten the wrong information about a specific herb or herbal remedy.
Another excellent example of this, is the use of a popular herb known as
Echinacea. Many people take Echinacea to help with colds. Unfortunately
too often they believe that this herb will actually cure their cold,
and some people even think that it will prevent them from getting a cold
or the flu at all. This is in fact untrue.

Echinacea is actually a
natural antibiotic herb that can work wonderfully at fighting
infections. It is specifically useful however for treating glandular
problems and infections. This means that Echinacea is usually the best
herbal selection to use for treating strep throat, or swollen glands and

types of problems. It can also help lessen the effects of a
cold or flu symptoms, but it will not prevent them from happening
completely. So anyone who takes this herb with the belief that they will
not get the flu, or they won’t even catch a cold, is probably severely
disappointed when it “doesn’t work”.

So to get the best results
with herbal remedies and natural medicines, know the actual problems
you’re trying to treat first, and know what the herbs actually do to

Statements made in this article may not be approved by the FDA, and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

Natural Remedies For Menopause That Are Simple And Effective

September 21, 2015

happens to all women. Once it is approaching there are some pains that
can be felt, which is not common. So, acquiring means to get relief from
it is important. Natural remedies for menopause will definitely work
best once you do something in administering menopause when you feel that
it is about to occur. There are so many things that you can do to aid
the pains that are associated with it. To help you out, here are the
four top natural remedies that you can employ –

1. Avoid Stress
– This is considered as one of the most important natural remedy for
menopause. You need to avoid being stress out. It will aid your hormones
to keep balanced. Menopause has a tendency to increase stress. Hence,
it is better to avoid further stress. If you noticed that you are
thinking too much, the best thing that you can do is to rest for about
half an hour. Through this, you are able to balance your hormones. The
best thing to do this is through yoga.

2. Diet – This is
considered as the simplest natural remedies for menopause. Nutrition is
badly needed on doing this. The nutrition should be advanced at middle
age to aid your body to generate appropriate hormone to help your way
through menopause. On doing this, it is better to ask the help of a
nutritional therapist to get precise assessed for a 6 month or longer
program for nutritional therapy. Food that is beneficial for women is
soya or soy bean.

3. Exercise – This is one of the great
natural remedies for menopause. It helps counter tiredness, stress and
improve the over all health. It is also aid to burn calories and
strengthen bones to help maintain osteoporosis at a minimum. It is vital
to do an everyday routine. However, ask professionals on that right
exercise that you need to do everyday.

4. Herbs – Herbal
remedies are also considered as natural remedies for menopause. You can
use the agnus castus, dong quai, gingko biloba, St John wort, red sage,
motherwort and cayenne pepper. These are the renowned herbal remedies
for menopause. Most of them counteract the hot flushes.

are the renowned four natural remedies for menopause. It is very
important that you know these especially if you are a woman approaching
for menopausal period. These four remedies will definitely help you ease
the pain that you might encounter once it happens.

Home Remedies For Leucorrhoea That Give Amazing Results

August 28, 2015

is a condition in which there is white discharge from the vagina which
can be itchy and frothy. There are certain factors which can cause
leucorrhoea such as sexually transmitted disease, fungal infection,
unhygienic conditions, displacement of the womb and many more. Some of
the common symptoms of leucorrhoea are constipation, intense itching,
frequent headaches, redness and many more.

Leucorrhoea Home Remedies

are several home remedies for leucorrhoea which are simple to use and
are quite safe to try at home without any risk of side effects. Some of
the popular home remedies for leucorrhoea which are being used since a
very long time and have proved to be quite effective in many cases are:

One of the most effective home remedies for leucorrhoea is the use of
mango. All you need to do is take inner part of mango and make a paste
out of it. Now apply this paste on the vagina. This will prove to be
very helpful in treating leucorrhoea.

2. Consume a banana with
rose petals in sugar and crushed betel nut twice daily. This is one of
the most efficient home remedies for leucorrhoea.

3. Take one
liter of water and allow it to boil. Add two teaspoons of fenugreek
seeds in it and continue boiling on low flame for thirty minutes. Later
you can strain the mixture and drink it to get relief from the symptoms
of this ailment.

4. Take half liter of water and boil it in a
pan. Add handful of rice in this water and allow it to cook. Later
collect the rice water and allow it to cool down a little bit. Now add
one teaspoon of sugar in this warm rice water and drink it.

Take one liter of water and heat it on low flame. Now add fresh guava
leaves in it and continue heating for next thirty minutes. Allow this
mixture to cool down. Once cool, you can apply it on vagina.

The roots of amaranth plant are very helpful in treating leucorrhoea.
Take 25 ml of water and rub these roots in this water. Strain the
mixture and drink it.

7. Take some tamarind seeds and soak them
in water for couple of days. Now grind these seeds with milk to form a
paste. Consume this paste on regular basis for good results.

Betel nut can also prove to be very useful in treating leucorrhoea. All
you have to do is chew betel nut after your meals to get relief from
this condition.

9. Consuming cranberry juice on daily basis can also be very useful in curing leucorrhoea.

The leaves of walnut trees are known to have astringent properties. All
you have to do is make a decoction of these leaves and rinse the vagina
with it. This natural remedy is quite effective in treating this

11. Avoid consumption of white sugar, greasy foods, tea, white flour, fried food, coffee and foods with preservatives.

above mentioned home remedies for leucorrhoea are some of the most
effective and popular home remedies for leucorrhoea which are simple,
cost-effective and convenient to try at home.

How To Use Natural Remedies For Common Ailments

August 22, 2015

Most people don’t seem to realize that the use of natural
remedies for various common ailments is far less costly than their
prescription counterparts, as well as usually being much healthier for
you. There are herbal and botanical products that some experts consider
as natural remedies and alternatives to prescription drugs. With the
introduction of products that can hurt our bodies just as much as they
help us, the popularity of natural herbal remedies parties is growing.
This article will outline some of those common ailments where you may be
paying out big bucks today for prescription medications.

Good General Health

herbal remedies as a means to maintain good health and cure certain
diseases are valid. If a cough continues after natural remedies or even
after taking prescription medications, you should consult your doctor as
quickly as possible. There are various herb and herbal spices that
have been used for thousands of years to promote good health, and
scientific studies have shown the positive effects of many of these to
be more than just legend or folklore. For example, there are some
Chinese herbs that have been used by the Chinese for more than 4000
years to promote good health and for use as healing agents.


people, especially teens, are afflicted with acne, and there are many
over the counter medications and treatments for acne. But for those of
us whose skin requires a bit more help, there are natural acne
treatments available that can help improve your acne, as well as your
general skin tones. Some people have veins below their eyes which
appear prominently when the under-eye skin becomes dry and thin. While
the thickness of the under-eye skin is primarily hereditary, there are
several natural remedies that can make it look better and less

For more information about effective treatment of acne, please visit the Acne Health and Relief Site.


Most of us, especially men as they get
older, would agree that hair loss affects their self-image and self
esteem to a very large extent. There is no sure-fire way to prevent all
hair loss, but there are some natural remedies that have been used that
have been proven to work on some people. In minor cases of temporary
hair loss, hair growth can be stimulated by massage, since blood and
oxygen flow to the scalp must be healthy in order for hair to grow.


are many natural herbal ear cleaners and wash on the market. Particular
care should be used with ear treatment, since the membrane of the
eardrum is very sensitive and can be punctured if you are not careful.
Some natural remedies can relieve ear aches, especially in children who
are very prone to ear aches at young ages.

Heartburn and Indigestion

few people can claim that they never suffer from heartburn or
indigestion, and for people that do, a simple over the counter solution
like Tums or Rolaids resolves the problem. But for people that suffer
from heartburn or indigestion on a much more regular basis, there are
several natural remedies that can aid with this. One such remedy claims
that as much as 97% of cases being corrected without the use of drugs
or prescription medications, with notably fewer side effects.

health remedies are worth your effort to look into, not only to treat
symptoms that already exist but also for the purpose of maintaining a
healthy body without aches and pains. You may find that you like it
better than traditional prescriptions from your doctor, and will almost
certainly find that natural remedies incur far fewer side effects.

Natural Remedies For Piles- Best Foods to Undertake

July 21, 2015

The term ‘Piles’ is also known as Hemorrhoids in medical term and could
also be classified as the thickening of the blood vessels of the anus
that results in an itchy feeling and swelling in the rectum.

Constipation is said to be the biggest reason for piles to occur. Even
taking unhealthy diets could also trigger this issue. Thus, taking a
closer look in brief at some of the best foods that works greatly as
natural remedies for piles would simply cure piles the easy way would be

Some best food type to cure piles- Natural remedies for piles

Do not wait to let piles play with your life; simply
pick up these listed food sources of natural remedies for and kick off
all issues once and for all. One should also make sure that he is taking
ample rest and not losing sleep and even a sleep deprived persons are
also at high risk of getting constipation and finally piles. Take care
and all the very best!

A Comprehensive Guide to Find the Best Natural Remedies For Your Cat

June 21, 2015

Are you looking for a good natural remedy for cat health but not
sure how to choose one? In this article, I am going to discuss the
health benefits of natural remedies and give you some tips to choose the
right product for your cat. If you are a cat owner, this article is a
must-read for you.

Natural cat remedies are good for your cat for a number of reasons.

They contain powerful herbs which are known for their therapeutic
effects. They strengthen your cat’s immune system, improve the
functioning of its vital organs, and neutralize the free radicals which
are harmful to its health.

2. They are, as you can guess,
completely natural. Hence, they are completely safe as well. You do not
have to worry about allergic reactions or any such side effects.

3. They remove the toxins and other wastes and cleanse your cat’s body thoroughly. This in turn improves its metabolism.

The herbal extracts in these natural cat remedies thoroughly revitalize
your cat’s body and improve its vitality. As a result, your cat will be
able to stay active for longer periods of time.

5. These
supplements are known to treat a number of ailments in cats. In some
cases, they have been pretty effective at treating even serious
illnesses like cancer. While this has not been proven through clinical
studies, these supplements certainly have a positive effect on cats
suffering from serious illnesses.

As you can clearly see, natural
dietary supplements are very good for your cat’s health. The important
thing you should know, however, is that not all natural supplements are
equally good. As always, there are some very good products and there are
some very bad products as well. You need to choose the right product
for your cat to get the right results. So, here are some tips to help
you choose the right natural remedy for cat health.

Home Remedies For Dandruff That Give Amazing Results

May 31, 2015

A condition in which the silvery and shiny scales of the scalp
begin to flake and then spreads all over the hair is known as dandruff.
Dandruff is basically of two types; waxy dandruff and dry dandruff.
There are several factors which may cause dandruff such as yeast
infection, malnutrition, lack of calcium and zinc, fungal infection and
use of shampoos and soaps which are alkaline in nature.

Dandruff Home Remedies

There are different
natural remedies for dandruff which are quite effective and are safe to
use. Some of the popular home remedies for dandruff which have been used
since a very long time and have proven to be effective in many cases

1. One of the best remedies for dandruff is the use of
curd. All you need to do is take some curd which has been fermented for
two to three days. Apply this curd on your hair and scalp. Wait for one
hour to allow it to dry and later wash it off. This home remedy will not
only make your hair shiny but also will help in removing dandruff.

Take two cups of water and add four large teaspoons of dried thyme in
it. Boil this mixture and then strain it. Allow it to cool down and
later you can massage it on your damp hair. But remember not to rinse
your hair.

3. Tea tree oil is also considered to be one of the
effective home remedies for dandruff. All you need to do is add few
drops of tea tree oil on your shampoo and then use it on your hair.

Fenugreek seeds can also be very effective in treating dandruff. Take
some fenugreek seeds and soak them in water for the whole night. Later
grind these seeds and gently apply on your scalp. Allow it to stay there
for forty five minutes and then rinse with ritha or shikakai.

Take three to four parts of water and mix one part of vinegar in it.
Rinse your hair with this mixture for about three to four minutes and
then wash with plain water. This home remedy is very helpful in getting
rid of flakes and eliminating the itch.

6. Take some olive oil
and then heat to make it warm. Just before going to bed apply this warm
oil on your scalp and hair. Leave it on your hair for the whole night.
Next morning, just one hour before going to take bath take some lime
juice and rub it on your scalp. Wash your hair with water.

7. Avoid consumption of sweets, candies, red meat, coffee, teas, spices, pickles and aerated drinks like cola and pepsi.

Pure coconut oil can also prove to be very effective in treating
dandruff problem. Make it a daily practice of rubbing coconut oil on
your hair. This will eventually help in to getting rid of dandruff.

above mentioned remedies for dandruff are some of the most popular home
remedies for dandruff which are simple to follow and effective when
use. These natural home remedies are safe to use and do not pose any
risk of side effects.

Are We Really Sick When We Have the Common Cold Or Flu

May 5, 2015

Recently, one of my home school science lessons with our daughter
was based on how animals adapt to their environment for survival

The lesson described how animals will change a variety
of things about themselves in order to “adapt to” or change in response
to what’s happening around them. Some examples were: shedding,
hibernation, changing color, and so on.

My daughter and I
discussed how perfect ‘nature’ is and how truly amazing the innate
intelligence of both animals and humans is. We agreed that God’s pretty

Up until this point, I had decided that I wouldn’t somehow
turn this science lesson about animals into another “mom health lesson”!
It would have been SO easy….

You see, in our family, we don’t
say the word “sick” very often. In fact, it’s rare. The kids know that
if they have a runny nose, or a cough, or they have a little upset
tummy, it’s their body “adapting” to the environment.

We’ve said
this since the kids were born. The only reason we ‘had’ to teach them to
refer to being ‘sick’ was so that people outside our home and wellness
practice would understand what on earth they were talking about!!

whole “I’m sick” thing is just a simple sticking point with their daddy
and me. It actually had nothing to do with our kids – it’s a mindset,
and a paradigm shift, we’ve been teaching in our practice for years.

example, if you experience a runny nose, a cough, and feel wiped out,
the common terminology is that you have a “cold” and that you’re “sick”.

But ARE you?

you really “sick” or is your body just responding perfectly to its
environment? Is your body simply “adapting” to what it’s being exposed
to? Quite often, if you choose to think about it, that “cold” didn’t
just pop up out of nowhere. Usually, it follows a period of stress,
deficiency of sleep and relaxation, improper care of the immune system,
poor nutrition, a change in seasons, exposure to a toxic environment,
and so on. Sure, it may have something to do with ‘everyone’ around you
having a cold… BUT, that certainly doesn’t mean you’ll develop it.
Nope, not at all.

It results from excess toxicity and deficiency
and a lack of purity and sufficiency. Just like every other disease and
condition of lifestyle.

If your choices and external environment
have resulted in a toxic and deficient internal environment, you’re much
more likely to develop every little (and big) thing going around.

you certainly don’t enjoy how you feel as your body is adapting to its
environment, it IS a perfect physiological adaptation. Whatever the
cumulative effect of our internal and external environments is, our body
will respond accordingly.

So, is our body actually “sick”, which
implies some malfunction?? Or is it demonstrating perfect health by
responding appropriately to the environment?

The point is, the
vast majority of the time, our bodies are displaying a perfectly healthy
physiological adaptation to the environment.

So, what’s our beef
with that? It’s the prevailing mindset… it’s the paradigm that is so
sad, and frightening. We’ve been suspended in this disbelief long
enough! We’re convinced that if we have the slightest symptom (body
signal), that we must need drugs to suppress it. Feeling
less-than-perfect apparently requires medication.

What is that?? How does that create health? What kind of a message does that send to children?

don’t like symptoms any better than the next guy, but I usually
understand why they’re there. Our body will display symptoms (body
signals) in response to a Wellness equation out of balance: when the
amount of toxicity and deficiency our environment is exposed to becomes
excessive and surpasses or overrides the effects of purity and
sufficiency in our environment.

Haven’t met a drug yet that can
increase purity and sufficiency or decrease toxicity and deficiency!!
Kinda’ have to handle that one on your own!

Back to the home schooling lesson…

I said, I had decided to pass on this profound connection between
animal adaptation and human immune system adaptation. I kept the soap
box safely tucked away!

We had successfully finished the lesson
and were discussing the details to insure my daughter had fully
comprehended things. Then she was quiet for a few moments. I thought she
had gone into a brain haze!

Instead, she turned to me and said,
“I totally get why you and daddy always say, ‘you’re not SICK… you’re
adapting!’… It’s just like with the animals. Only what WE’RE adapting
to is the crappy environment we create… like crappy foods and not
getting enough sleep and not exercising and watching too much crappy
television and having a bad attitude… right?”

By George, I think she’s got it!! (I don’t think I ever explained it using the word “crappy”, though!)

continued, “We’re really not sick at all when our bodies have a cold or
the sniffles… or even a flu virus. Our body is doing exactly what it
should do to respond to that lousy environment that we created! That’s
what a normal, healthy body does.”


I tried to
soften the edges for her a bit by reminding her that we don’t
consciously choose to feel lousy! It’s not actually our “fault”. Yes,
it’s often a result of toxic and deficient choices we make in the way we
move, eat and think… but it’s also our larger environment that we
don’t have much direct control over. Also, very few people have ever
been told that their choices will directly or indirectly determine their
health. Most people will never hear that from their parents, their
family doc or from mainstream media. Sad. It robs them of the
opportunity to proactively create their own health.

The way we
teach it here, “sick” happens when your body starts to lose the battle.
When the response to the environment becomes overwhelming to the body,
or the body isn’t able to meet the demands.

Really, “sick” doesn’t
happen very often at all, when you look at it that way. Even when it
does, the solution doesn’t lie in adding more toxicity and deficiency
and ignoring purity and sufficiency. We don’t get “sick” because of a
shortage of drugs and medication in our bloodstream!! We don’t get
healthy because of adding them.

Health comes from within.

Exploring The Many Different Types Of Natural Remedies

April 26, 2015

Many individuals are starting to seek natural remedies when it
comes to various health complications, issues, and concerns. Many
believe that the dangerous components of over the counter and
prescription medications can actually prove to be a detriment on the
health of a person. The good news is, there are a number of natural
remedies that one may partake in so that they may optimize their health.
Listed throughout this guide on remedies that do not require
medications, you will find a wide selection of ideas that can be
implemented in order to maintain and optimize the healthy lifestyle. If
you are opting for the natural side, these may prove to be ideal for

1. Implementing the use of natural herbs is an extremely
popular form of treatment among many individuals. With a little
research, you are sure to discover that there are thousands upon
thousands of herbs available. You can find one that is appropriate for
virtually any type of health complication. You can purchase herbs in
particular categories – like bitter, aromatic, nutritive, astringent,
and even mucilaginous.

2. Light therapy is another type of natural
remedy that can prove to be extremely beneficial when it comes to the
overall health of a person who may be suffering from a medical
complication, and/or disease. Individuals who have fibromyalgia, for
example, benefit from light therapy in order to increase and optimize
the production of Melatonin in the body. This element is necessary when
it comes to regulating the sleep cycle.

3. Aromatherapy is another
type of natural remedy that many find success with. Basically, this
type of remedy makes use of natural and essential oils in order to
produce a certain state of mind. Once this is achieved, it is believed
that one will successfully recover and be able to cope with health
problems that plague them.

4. Believe it or not, simple exercise has been found
to be an exception when it comes to optimizing the health of a person.
Simple stretching, for example, can increase the amount of oxygen that
is introduced to the components of the body. In turn, this increasing
cell production and assists in creating a natural boost to the immune
system. If you want to be healthy, get out and talk a walk or job, do
some stretching exercises, or just take a swim!

5. Mediation has
been used throughout all of history in order to experience a higher
state of mind, as well as higher state of optimal health. If you are
looking for a simple, low stress method of coping with health
complications that may be experienced, mediation may be just the thing
that you are looking for!

6. Many individuals implement the use of
music as a form of natural remedy for their health issues. They are
many different types of benefits that one may experience as a result of
just listening to music. Circulation can be improved, stress levels
decreased, and more! If you are looking for a creative way to utilize
your resources and make the most of your physical well-being, you are
sure to enjoy the benefits associated with therapy that is induced as a
direct result of using various types of music.

As you can see,
there are many different types of natural remedies available to
individuals just like you! It is important to know and understand that
this is a simple list, with just a few examples of remedies that you may
find appealing. You can select one to use, or you can put more than one
to work for you! That is the beauty of natural remedies…selection and
implementations are wide open for interpretation!

Natural Remedies Are Cheaper Than Usual Techniques of Treatment

April 11, 2015

Natural remedies
today are preferred by many people today. They are the best if you are
allergic to artificial medicines. Many people today are opening their
minds towards natural medicines. This is because there are many reviews
which state that natural herbs treat the disease better.

Natural remedies
are made from natural herbs and plants. There are herbs and plants like
ginger, tulsi, mint leaves which are known as effective treatments for
cold and cough. Also many other barks from trees, their leaves, roots
and the juices of the leaves are known to cure many a swelling. There
are natural treatments for fever, chicken pox, weakness etc. All these
treatments are becoming very famous and well known. Many Ayurvedic
doctors have opened Ayurvedic centres at many places and many people are
today going to these centres. Many foreigners are also coming to these

Remedies which are natural help remove the disease from
the root cause. When a patient goes for a natural treatment, he is
required to stay at the centre. The centre is located at a natural place
where there is greenery. The food provided there is of great quality
with fresh vegetables. The vegetables and fruits there are grown at
their own farm place and are organic. The use of oil and ghee is very
less. They also use less of wheat flour which is refined. More
quantities of salads are served. This is because food and mind have a
great connection. It is a proven study that meditation helps cure
diseases. All illnesses begin in the mind. Hence staying in the centre,
there are teachers who teach meditation and yoga. These two aspects are
very important for curing the disease from the bottom. There are many
healing sessions also. Effective massage treatments are also given.

Remedies which are natural treat the symptoms, not the diseases.

Natural remedies
are cheaper than usual techniques of treatment. They may take longer
time. But they help treat the disease totally. When treating with
synthetic medicines, there are chances that the disease will occur once
again. But this is not so in Ayurvedic treatment.