Detoxification May Cause Side Effects

If you are someone who suffers from fatigue, skin problems, chronic stomach complaints or just simply feel unhealthy, then you may have heard of doing a detoxification cleanse as a way to eliminate your problems. It is true that that a body cleanse can help or even get rid of most if not all of your health concerns. What you need to be aware of however, is that detoxification can often cause slightly uncomfortable side effects while your body is ridding itself of unwanted toxins.

What kind of side efftects am I talking about? Well, that depends on which type of detox diet or body cleanse you participate in. Let’s say for example, that you dedide to consume only organic foods. If your body is used to eating a lot of processed and high sugar foods then you when you begin to eat healthier you may find yourself running to the bathroom frequently as your body attempts to get rid of unwanted toxins.Since you are eating healthy your symptoms should be pretty mild and not last long.

However, if you decide on a water and juice fast then your body will need to work harder to release toxins because it is not actively receiving nutrients. It is very possible that you will experience more symptoms with this type of detoxification. You will want to slowly rebuild with healthy eating after a juice and water fast. The following list of possible side effects will help you to be better prepared and aware of what you may experience during a body cleasne or detoxification diet.


This may sound a little odd since fatigue may be one of the reasons your seeking a body cleanse. In the beginning of your cleanse you may feel even more tired than usual but hang in there, once your cleanse is completed, you will notice a definite increase in energy.


It is common to experience headaches as a side effect to a detoxification diet or cleanse. Even if you don’t drink alcohol or take drugs you may still experience headaches. Caffeine withdrawl is a common reason you may experience

You don’t have to be a heavy caffeine drinker to experience withdrawls. It does not take much for your body to become dependent on caffeine. Even if you only drink one or two cups of coffee or soda a day, it may be enough to cause a headache. Once you have completed the detoxification process, you may find you no longer have the desire for caffeine.

Frequent Urination

During a body cleanse it is common to consume more liquids that normal. It is important to consume a lot of liquids during a body cleanse because they will assist in flushing out unwanted toxins. It is only natural that increased fluids will lead to increased urination. Once your detoxification diet or body cleanse has been completed, your bathroom needs should return to normal.


One side effect which can be embarrasing for some is an increase in bowel movements often in the form of loose stools. As alarming as it may be, it is actually healthy because your body will be eliminating harmful toxins and substances.

Most body cleanses do not require you to adjust your schedule . However, if you decide to go for a colon cleanse you may need to make some extra time for yourself. Colon cleanses use salt water pills or flushes which tend to cause loose stools quicker and with more urgency than other body cleanses.


Another unpleasant side effect you may experience is nausea. You may even experience some vomiting. Nausea can be mild or severe depending on how your body reacts to the detoxification process. .

None of these syptoms are long term or dangerous , however if they last longer than your cleanse, you may need to consult your doctor. You may not experience all of these symptoms , it will vary depending on how your personal body handles the cleanse as well as which process you use. Knowing ahead of time the possible side effects you may experience will help you to more prepared and comfortable during your detoxification cleanse.