Excessive Anxiety with Panic Attacks

Generally speaking, panic attacks are due to stress. Every individual undergoes some anxiety or some kind of stress in their entire lifetime. It has been proven that someone under stress usually has trouble concentrating. Anxiety sometimes caused people to work harder, instead of feeling helpless.

It is dangerous however to do anything in access. This is the same even when experiencing anxiety. Too much anxiety is a clear indication for psychological tensions and problems to set in. It is a fact, if any kind of physical problems follow anxiety, then this is surely a situation that needs attention.

Physical effects of anxiety normally include vomiting, sickness, shooting pain in the chest, struggling to breath and stomach pain. If anxiety is allowed to overtake one’s normal condition, psychological problems become dangerous. Not all anxiety is dangerous though, because small amounts can help people cope with challenges in everyday life.

Panic attacks with anxiety can even disturb the body’s metabolism. One horrible effect of anxiety can be an increase in heart rate and per fuse sweating. Thus, this may lead to fluid loss, which is dehydration. These severe anxiety attacks can also affect one’s bowel movements. The most noticeable symptoms of being anxious are less radiant skin, the cold shivers and even sweat.

Once a certain about of fear sets in, some people even consider doing hard to themselves, or worse. These horrible attacks do not have any specific period or timing as when they might occur and unexpectedly. The number of people with this problem is steadily rising each and every day. It is a fact, at least one person out of every 75 persons experiences this in his/her entire lifetime.

The person having panic attacks may experience trouble knowing what they are doing at times. Other feelings are depressive feelings, suicidal tendencies could cause a drug dependency for some people. Medical complexities may also increase in such problems. Don’t mistake panic and anxiety attacks as just being scared, they can be deadly.

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