How Periodontal Disease Is Triggered

Those Americans are 35 years old and above might just lose their teeth. The fact of losing teeth at an early age is not because of tooth decay. The likelihood for someone who is older to have dental cavities lessens. To read other dentistry articles make sure to visit periodontics sydney.

The dangerous part here is having gum disease or periodontal disease as it is called. This kind of disease later on would lead to tooth loss wherein adults would mostly encounter. In a particular community, it is usual for most adults to have periodontal disease in different stages wherein some may have even lost their teeth already.dy.

Gingivitis is the early form of periodontal disease wherein the gums become inflamed and bleed after regular brushing of the teeth. After this, destruction of the tissues and bones that surround the roots of the teeth happens and this process is called periodontitis or pyorrhea. The teeth are usually filled with dental calculus or tartar which is the major cause of periodontal disease. Tartar is some invisible sticky film that is formed whenever saliva and food debris get mixed up.

Bacterial plaque is also another term for this invisible film. If plaque is not removed every day, it hardens into calculus and builds up between the teeth and along the gum lines. In worst case scenario, gums become irritated and inflamed which causes teeth loss. Bacteria and food particles start to accumulate and become wedged in these pockets and create more inflammation. More expert dentistry information is located at implant dentist.

Gums are in its worst condition once the pockets grow deep because if this happens, pus start to formulate, gums ulcerate and gums are infected by the damaged tissues. Gums start to grow weak and frail if bones and tissues that support it get destroyed which would cause teeth to fall off. Preventing periodontal disease is as easy as keeping your teeth and gums clean by constantly brushing them to keep them away from calculus. To further clean the teeth, dentists recommend everyone to use irrigation devices such as pressurized water to get rid of the small particles that get stuck in between the teeth.

What this water spray device does is it removes the tiny bits of food that are not cleaned using the toothbrush but this works best if you follow the dentist’s directions. Dental checkups twice a year is really important to get calculus removed from your teeth and gums. If you feel any discomfort such as soreness and bleeding of the gums, do not hesitate to visit the dentist immediately to have it treated.

Periodontal disease is greatly caused by not properly aligning the teeth, sharp edges that hurt the gums and dentures that do not snugly fit. No doubt, expect irritation and gum infection due to these factors. What you have to do is to immediately go to your dentist to have this treated.