IE33 providing the best solution for diagnosis in the medical field

Different medical equipment are getting advanced day-by-day with the advent of several technological updates. Among the other equipment, we can consider ultrasound technology as one of the most important diagnosis devices in the medical industry. This equipment takes clear image of the internal part of the body and different complications of the body. Now depending upon the complicacy of the disease, US machine is used in the diagnosis center. When you talk about the disease, then you need to understand which part of the body has to be diagnosed and accordingly US machine works. It is effective for detecting diseases like heart disease, cardiovascular problem, and diseases related to ovaries, pelvic area, uterus etc. It is used for the detection of the gender of the baby at the time of conception. Any type of pregnancy related problem can be detected with the help of Ultrasound machine. This kind of pregnancy related issue or baby’s condition can be detected clearly with the help of this equipment. When it is related to the mother’s and baby’s condition, then this process is called as obstetric ultrasonography. Any type of cancer or testicular torsion can also be diagnosed with the help of ultrasound system.

Different brand names are strongly associated with this kind of system. Among the crowd of other names, Philips is found to be one of the most innovative service provider. Different versions of ultrasound machines are there but two models are found to be the most popular among them. IE33 and HD11XE are two names, which have captured the market very soon. These two models are very much medically designed and clinically advanced.ed.

IE33 xMATRIX is there to give complete support to the medical diagnosis process. This equipment comes equipped with X5-1 transducer and this kind of transducer gives proper result in the performance of this field. To get the best result in 2D to 3D imaging with one button press, you can trust this model. As this model maintains the process with complete accuracy. You will be able to hold the clear and high-resolution images with the help of PureWave crystal technology. This kind of product ensures live 3D imaging in case of cardiology exam. This product provides live full volume. And it makes you able to see the images at the time of acquisition. HD11 XE is also revolutionary as the digital imaging system. This is one compact, reliable and ergonomic package, providing the best services in private and public hospitals.