Planning the Office Christmas Party

We are starting to think about our Christmas party already, but of course it is not all that far away. In a couple of weeks it shall be Halloween, then Thanksgiving and you can have your Christmas Party just about any time in the couple of weeks leading up to it. We are thinking that we shall probably have the party on the last practical day before we take off for Christmas. We have even been looking at the cost of a toronto party bus because we are thinking about making the Christmas party into something a good bit different. The idea we had was to rent a party bus and take it down to one of the casinos, they are having a big show one night which would be convenient for us. Of course we would have to get a consensus on that sort of thing and you wonder how many people would want to stay the night and how many would want to go back to Toronto at the end of the night. All of this is subject to debate, but it is a pretty good idea if you assume that all of the issues can be resolved without making any serious compromises. It is not going to be something which everyone is going to be on board for, but nearly everyone who works here is relatively young and so it seems like a lot of them are going to be really eager to take a nice weekend trip. There are a number of them who have kids though and this sort of trip may not be that practical. It is not hard to find a babysitter for one night, but the babysitter is usually going to want to go home. If you have grandparents then that works out, but if you do not it’s going to be a problem.