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Disability Tax Benefits For Coronary Artery Disease

December 22, 2014

Heart disease causes a permanent disability which does not allow a person to work. When a person is not able to work, then they are allowed to claim disability tax benefits. What is coronary artery disease Coronary artery disease is a heart condition which causes heart attack. This happens because the arteries are blocked by due to fat. This in turn reduces air supply to the heart and causes the disease. There is also a lack of blood supply to the heart which could stop the heart. What causes coronary artery disease There are various causes for this disease. Diabetes is one of the reasons that could cause coronary heart disease. High blood pressure would make the blood supply irregular which could prove fatal. Other reasons for this disease are smoking, which reduces the oxygen and blood supply to the heart. So reduce smoking as much as possible. Fat and cholesterol are directly linked to heart diseases. Get on the treadmill and blast out the fat for a healthier heart. High blood pressure needs to be brought under control for a healthy heart. What are the symptoms of coronary artery disease Chest pain is one of the major symptoms of coronary heart disease. Pain in the left arm and shoulders, numbness in left arm, are few of the symptoms of this disease. Post menopausal stage and blockage in the heart are few other symptoms of this disease. There is also heaviness in the chest along with burning and a squeezing sensation. Nausea, shortness of breath and fainting are few other symptoms one should watch out for. What are the complications of coronary artery disease This leads to angina, heart attack and heart failure. Angina or heart pain is caused when the muscles of heart are exerted and there is a pain lasting for a few seconds. This can be remedied by rest or by taking prescribed medicine. Heart attack occurs when there is a blood clot in the heart and the artery is completely blocked. Even in this condition, there is a lack of blood and oxygen supply which causes the heart to malfunction. If there is a heart attack, it is bound to damage the heart and it does not function properly due to lack of blood flow and oxygen. This is when there is a heart failure. How does Canadian Disability Corporation help to get disability tax benefits Since coronary artery disease is a permanent and fatal disability a person is entitled to claim disability benefits from the government. Canadian Disability Corporation helps people to avail disability tax benefits and also know if they are eligible or not. They also help you to file a claim for the same.