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Herbal Remedies Don’t Always Work the Same For Everyone

November 18, 2015

If you’ve ever researched around the web, or asked your friends
and family, about how different herbal remedies work… or if you’ve
ever tried to find out if a certain home or herbal remedy will work for a
specific problem, you’ve most likely found many conflicting opinions
and results. In fact, you’re almost guaranteed to find people who say
something works wonderfully, and other people who say the exact same
thing didn’t help them in any way.

If you think about this though,
you may realize the exact same thing happens with over-the-counter
medications, and even prescription drugs too. Some people will
experience great results with a specific herb, medicine, or approach to
any health problem. Other people unfortunately, experienced no results
at all, or they have side effects that others didn’t.

Most people
don’t fully realize this, but herbal remedies and alternative medicines
act in similar ways to prescription drugs. Sometimes a specific herbal
remedy will work wonderfully for the purpose it was used for. Other
times unfortunately, it does not seem to work at all. The reasons for
this are simple: everybody is different.

Each person’s body will
respond differently to different things. And each person’s body has its
own unique issues, problems, or complications that can change how it
will react to any type of medicine, whether it’s in herbal medicine or a
prescription drug.

For example, one person may have an allergy
they’re not aware of. Another person may have other health issues they
are not aware of. And each of these people probably has different eating
habits and lifestyles too. All of these things contribute to medicines
reacting differently within each body.

When it comes to using
herbal remedies and natural medicines, some people end up seeing no
results at all and they’re very confused or frustrated. The most common
reason for this though is what might be called user error. When someone
tries to self diagnose their health issues, especially if they are not
overly knowledgeable about health problems, conditions, or diseases,
they are more likely to diagnose themselves wrong. If they start with
the wrong diagnosis, they are probably choosing the wrong treatment as
well. Imagine if you try to take something simple like cough syrup in an
effort to reduce fever. That wouldn’t work well at all would it? And
that’s the problem with inexperienced people who try to use herbal
remedies to treat problems too. They may not know exactly what’s wrong,
or they may not know enough about the herbs they’re using to treat the

One example you might find online frequently is herbal
and home remedies for kidney stones. Reading through the various
alternative health and herbal remedy websites and message boards, you
will quickly find that a very effective remedy for kidney stones is
simple lemon juice. Most people rave about how well lemon juice breaks
up their kidney stones and resolves the problem quickly. Others however,
are very frustrated and angry because this remedy did not work for

What most people don’t seem to know however, is that
there is more than one type of kidney stone. A calcium kidney stone is
the most common type people get. In fact about 80% of anyone who gets
kidney stones get a calcium type of kidney stone. Plain old lemon juice,
and even homemade lemonade, works amazingly well at dissolving a
calcium type of kidney stone. There is a small chance though that
someone could have kidney stones which are not calcium-based. In fact,
there are three other types of kidney stones. These types are much more
rare of course, but they do not dissolve as easily, or sometimes at all,
with lemon juice. So if you were to try the lemon juice remedy for
non-calcium-based kidney stones, you might assume home remedies don’t
work at all because it didn’t work on yours.

There are also many
types of home remedies and herbal medicines which worked excellently for
specific conditions. The same herbal remedies may not work as well as
another herb might though. This frequently happens because people have
gotten the wrong information about a specific herb or herbal remedy.
Another excellent example of this, is the use of a popular herb known as
Echinacea. Many people take Echinacea to help with colds. Unfortunately
too often they believe that this herb will actually cure their cold,
and some people even think that it will prevent them from getting a cold
or the flu at all. This is in fact untrue.

Echinacea is actually a
natural antibiotic herb that can work wonderfully at fighting
infections. It is specifically useful however for treating glandular
problems and infections. This means that Echinacea is usually the best
herbal selection to use for treating strep throat, or swollen glands and

types of problems. It can also help lessen the effects of a
cold or flu symptoms, but it will not prevent them from happening
completely. So anyone who takes this herb with the belief that they will
not get the flu, or they won’t even catch a cold, is probably severely
disappointed when it “doesn’t work”.

So to get the best results
with herbal remedies and natural medicines, know the actual problems
you’re trying to treat first, and know what the herbs actually do to

Statements made in this article may not be approved by the FDA, and should not be taken as professional medical advice.

Obtaining Prescription Medication Through USA pharmacy online

August 6, 2015

Based on Consumer Reports National Research Center a lot of People in America are getting difficulty with ways on how to obtain high quality cheap medications . Today, consumers can easily get in touch and transact with USA pharmacy online that offers special promos and the like in getting medications for consumers who needs medicines. People preferred getting their medications through online and through certified USA pharmacy online than local drug stores for the reason that it is a waste of time and money more than ever if the required medicine is out of stock. Another factor, Customers can securely order drugs online by way of going to the national Association of Boards of Pharmacy web site to check which online pharmacy website is licensed . According to NABP 2,100 online pharmacies have addresses outside the U.S. Additionally they discovered that 85% of online pharmacy stores don’t request for any recommendation. There’s also 3,687 pharmacy websites that presents medications which isn’t authorized by the FDA.

It is important for a purchaser to be attentive to these things for the reason that getting medicines at phony USA Pharmacy Online is perilous. The medications that are coming from a fake pharmacy website can contain harmful ingredients, ineffective and so on as a result make it to the point to have understanding on the subject of reliable USA pharmacy online. Whether it is a medicine for illness, products to have a beautiful skin and the like or else continuance remedies it is idyllic to get it at legal USA Pharmacy Online. Lots of customers particularly women like skin items making their skin perfect similar to Radiesse . It is used to add contour to the face. For the best and harmless results, have it at USA Pharmacy On the internet and anticipate a massive product and baby skin like results . It is also absolutely essential to be able to seek out suggests from a health-related physician in terms of how to proceed following after receiving Radiesse.

Consumers should be aware of artificial online drugstores in addition to be educated of correct dosage as well as intake after acquiring drugs at USA pharmacy online. Customers would rather acquire medicines from Canadian drugstores nonetheless based on Carmen Catizone the actual executive director of NABP not all Canadian drug retailers are authentic. It is advisable to obtain drugs at USA pharmacy online only. To possess a lengthier life, sufferers along with purchasers should be cautious when choosing on the web.

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Avandia And Glaxosmithkline The Story of a Controversial Prescription Drug

May 19, 2015

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In 2007, after considerable pressure from consumer groups, the
Congress mandated the disclosure of clinical trial results made by drug
and device makers. By then, it was already too late for patients taking Avandia, a diabetes drug developed and distributed by SmithKline Beecham (now known as the drug giant GlaxoSmithKline). Avandia
(rosiglitazone) has been in the market for more than a decade when the
United States Food and Drug Administration investigated claims of its
adverse side effects in 2007, and again in 2010 after new data surfaced
that supported the earlier claim that Avandia causes significant health

But the story extends way before the 2007 Avandia and GSK
investigation. A 2010 research conducted by The New York Times revealed
that as early as 1999, SmithKline Beecham already became aware of the
dangers of Avandia when, in the fall of the same year, it conducted
secret clinical trials to compare their drug against its major
competitor, Takeda’s Actos (pioglitazone hydrochloride). The results
were a disaster to the already slumping labs of SmithKline Beecham:
Avandia clearly posed a higher risk to the heart. This was on top of the
fact that Avandia was found to be no better than Actos. However, the
pharmaceutical company did not report its findings to authorities, did
not seek to improve on their formulation, and did not, in fact,
discontinue its production of Avandia and other drugs containing
rosiglitazone: Avandamet (rosiglitazone and metformin) and Avandaryl
(rosiglitazone and glimepiride). The company quantified their losses
should the results of the clinical trial reach the public; by their
estimates, they could lose an estimated $600 million from 2002 to 2004.
For this reason, the data was hidden even when the drug was turned over
to its successor, GlaxoSmithKline.

Avandia’s Health Risks Goes Public

In May of 2007, the cardiovascular risks posed by Avandia became public
when a Cleveland clinic cardiologist made a study that confirmed the
drug’s deadly side effect. This forced GSK to reveal that it had known
of Avandia’s health risks since 2005. However, a document acquired by
The NY Times revealed that GSK had known about

Avandia’s side effects in 1999, the same year that the drug went public.

The investigations which started in 2007 continued on to 2010 and
revealed several other alarming findings. A US FDA reviewer followed the
Avandia clinical trial, dubbed “Record”, and found that the trial did
not accurately tally its results; it would appear that almost a dozen
patients who were taking Avandia medication exhibited serious heart
problems. When the “Record” trial became public, the medical community
went on an uproar at the unethical measures the GSK employed: first, the
secret clinical trials to compare their drug against a competitor,
followed by the manipulation of clinical trial results, and then the
decade-long cover-up of the drug’s adverse effects to millions of people
suffering from diabetes. The investigations that followed further
revealed that GSK had also conducted secret clinical trials comparing
Avandia with a cheaper and older drug for diabetes called glyburide.

At present, Avandia remains on limited supply in the market, with the
FDA strongly regulating its distribution. Clinical trials related to
Avandia can be publicly accessed thru, a registry
maintained by the United States National Institutes of Health (NIH) and
the National Library of Medicine (NLM). At present, it holds a database
of more than 90,000 clinical trials from over 170 countries worldwide.

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Know About Herbal Cures Before You Seek Them

March 21, 2015

Do you search for alternative ways to fight colds, moisturize
skin, or whiten teeth? Herbal cures are sought by many consumers for a
variety of purposes. With the notion of being ‘healthy’ a prevalent and
vogue option, it may be beneficial for people to know how to shop for
natural herbal remedies. Do you know that some natural products may not
be healthy at all and could ironically be detrimental to your health?

Consider the following information during the next time you’re shopping for health-natural remedies.

Things you should know

cures do not have to be approved by the FDA, so manufacturers can place
a plethora of so-called cures on the market with little restrictions.
Also, manufacturers of unproven health-natural remedies can boast
products achieve particular results, provided they give supporting
research, yet the research does not review by the FDA. Herbal cures are
not like medications, they’re not meticulously examined by federal
agencies. The FDA can regulate a product once it is on the market and
monitor the product to ensure consumer safety; yet, how it is important
for consumers to learn more about the health supplement’s ingredients.

Some ‘healthy’ supplements could be detrimental to
your health. It is highly important to read labels and understand
ingredients. Those blindly seeking natural health supplements should ask
doctors about particular products, especially if they’re currently
taking medication, pregnant, or breast feeding.

Know what to look for

The FDA demands the following information is on the labels of natural health supplements:

o The name of the herbal supplement

o The name /address of manufacturer or distributor

o Complete list of ingredients

o Serving size, amount and active ingredient

You can visit government sites to ensure you understand particular ingredients.

Detoxification And Cleansing – Body Boost

January 6, 2015

What is Body Detoxification and Cleansing?

Many websites and newspapers publish stories about the importance of digestive and colon health. These articles often talk about probiotics, the natural bacteria that our digestive systems need in order to flourish. The cleanse detoxification process is a great way to boost probiotic health. You may not really understand what colons cleanse consists of, or how it works. There is nothing mysterious or scary about the body detox process. Cleanses simply help your body eliminate waste that can cause toxicity. They promote overall gastrointestinal health and assist your body to eliminate waste efficiently and regularly. You can also get more information about liver detoxification. Click here for more information.

Do I Need Detoxification and Cleansing?

If you suffer from intestinal or digestive discomfort, you may benefit from a cleanse. Individuals with severe or long-term issues may find a colonic colon cleanse, where the lower colon is irrigated, to be particularly beneficial. Some common signs that indicate a cleanse might be in order are:

Regular gas and bloating, even when eating foods that do not generally cause gas
Lethargy or tiredness, especially in the afternoon
Persistent lower backaches or other muscle aches
Inability to lose weight, even when exercising
A general feeling of being down

How Do I Prepare for Colon Cleansing and Detoxification?

Undertaking a detoxification and cleansing program may be easier than you think. You can research detoxifying foods and other cleansing methods. It is important to prepare your body and your mind for this process. Try the following before cleansing:

Walk every day and drink plenty of water
Incorporate healthy sources of fiber into your diet
Keep a journal of your food consumption and note any foods that cause you to feel particularly unwell
Find a friend or partner to support you throughout the cleansing process
Most importantly, listen to your body

When Should I Start Detoxification and Cleansing?

You have decided that a colon cleanse or other remedy could be very beneficial. You may be left wondering about the ideal time to start such a process. While you can undertake a detox program anytime, planning ahead will help you stick to your program and avoid pitfalls. Before beginning a cleanse, check your calendar and try to plan around any important dinners or gatherings. You may need to use the bathroom frequently when cleansing, so it is important that you will be at home or in another comfortable setting. Start a detox program when you feel mentally ready for optimal success.

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