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Get Rid Of Acne With Detox

April 23, 2015

Cleansing your system is considered the first step to get rid of acne and there are a variety of detoxification diets that are advertised and used.

Be wary of using a detoxification diet without the backing of a qualified practitioner. There are a variety of food systems like ayurveda, naturopathy and advice on the internet. Be careful about the detoxification plan you choose since these diets can cause severe imbalances in the body and affect the ingestion of necessary food. Identify a good dietician and check with patients as to whether the diet really helps to get rid of acne.

Juice diet

The juice detoxification diet works on the premise that fluids will help you to clear your intestines. While this is true, the juice removes the fibre necessary to do the job. Besides, the juice diet leads to a situation of high fructose intake without being backed up by other fruits to offset a possible imbalance. So, the use of fruit juice as a detoxification route may be done for a maximum of two days. If you do not feel you can follow this, use fruits and fruit juice as a way to start your day. Have a breakfast of papaya or banana to help cleanse your insides and get rid of acne. Follow this with a plate or juice of watermelon.

Food Detoxification

The easiest diet plan is one of plain rice and split green gram. The measure of green gram should be half the amount of rice. Dry roast the rice for two minutes and the green gram till it changes to a reddish hue. Now mix the two and cook. Add salt and top it off with a generous measure of peppercorn and cumin seed (powdered or whole, as per your choice). If you are using the toppings in whole form, fry them in clarified butter from cows milk (available in the market). This is very light on the system and provides the necessary nutrients while being easy to digest. Slowly add cooked vegetables once you find your body responding to the treatment. This is a good detoxification plan to get rid of acne without hunger pangs.

Morning detoxification

There are a number of ways to ensure that your bowels clear in the morning. Wake up an hour before your normal waking hours and consume four glasses of warm water. Return to sleep and wake up as per your routine. At the start, you will find it difficult to consume four glasses of water. Start with one or two and keep increasing it over the days till you reach four. Keep your meals light and eat only when you are hungry. These habits help you to get rid of acne while you continue your daily routine.

Night detoxification

Sleep at a fixed time every night. Eat your dinner at least two hours before you sleep. Your dinner should be half the amount of food you consume at lunch. In case you feel hungry, drink a glass of warm milk just before you sleep. Now, one hour after your dinner, chew six dates and drink a glass of warm water. The fibre rich fruit is very effective bowel cleansing agent and allows the skin to get rid of acne.