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Treat Alzhiemers Disease With Deprenyl

August 20, 2015

Deprenyl is a nootropic drug developed by a Hungarian scientist for the treatment of depression and other such conditions. Since deprenyl is found to improve brain function and enhance memory, it comes under the category of nootropics popularly known as smart pills or drugs that boost the mind.

Though deprenyl was first discovered and developed by Professor Jozsef Knoll of Semmelweis University as an anti depressant to treat and cure clinical depression among older individuals, deprenyl is today used primarily for the treatment of mind related conditions and disorders such as Alzhiemer’s disease, parkinson’s disease, dementia etc. Deprenyl is a MAO-B inhibitor which works by inhibiting the function of MAO-B in the body thereby leading to an increase in the dopamine levels in the body which are known to improve brain function and increase drive and motivation.

Since MAO is an enzyme responsible for breaking down used neurotransmitters so that they can be excreted. MAO levels tend to rise with age, and as a result, brain levels of monoamine neurotransmitters like dopamine tend to fall with age, resulting in age related dementia and mental decline.

In alzhiemer’s disease this age related dopamine decline occurs at a much faster rate than normal leading to a rapid decline in brain function and memory recall. Moreover in alzhiemer’s disease the death and decay of neurons present in the brain cells make the gradually inefficient and incapacitated to carry out his day to day functions along with internal bodily functions leading ultimately to the death of the individual.

Since deprenyl is the only drug which increases dopamine levels in the brain by enhancing the activity of a tiny region of the brain called the substantia nigra which is exceptionally rich in dopaminergic (dopamine-using) neurons, deprenyl can improve brain function and provide good treatment for alzhiemer’s disease.

Moreover, this wonderful drug’s chemical structure is very much similar to a chemical called phenylethylamine (PEA) and amphetamine. PEA is a substance found in chocolate and produced in higher than normal amounts in the brains of people who are “in love”. Both of these substances cause mental stimulation and thus improve brain function and increase alertness.

Deprenyl when combined with phenylalanine acts as a wonderful anti depressant apart from its primary use as treatment for alzhiemer’s disease. As deprenyl is known to increase dopamine and improve brain function it can also be taken by otherwise healthy individuals who are just looking to increase their sex drive and improve mental ability and alertness with no known toxicity or contraindication under recommended doses.