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What Is the Most Dangerous Prescription Opiate

October 24, 2014

What is OxyContin?

OxyContin is regarded
as a prescription medication, which had been put on the market during
1995. This medication is widely used for extreme physical pain and, in
addition, for treating men and women that suffer as a result of chronic
disorders and diseases, for instance cancer. This medicine’s key
ingredient is oxycodone and OxyContin supplies this particular chemical
in an extraordinarily strong and long-lasting formula.

Since the
time of this substance’s release, it has grown to be frequently
recommended by doctors in the health care community. Due to its
mind-altering effects, it has a significant probability for excessive
use, abuse and dependency. In the recent past, OxyContin has become a
highly sought after recreational pharmaceutical and is readily
obtainable from criminals and drug dealers.

Alongside this
pharmaceutical’s efficacy for reducing physical pain, it simultaneously
creates a range of other side effects identical to heroin, morphine and
other potent opiates. These kinds of effects include things like
minimized thoughts of anxiety and a euphoric rush along with mental and
physical relaxation. It also has the power to produce constipation,
cough suppression, hazardous respiratory depression, and of course,
physical dependency.

OxyContin is given for the subsequent types of problems:

  • Bone fractures
  • Painful injury
  • Acute trauma
  • Joint dislocation
  • Intense arthritis
  • A range of back pains
  • Serious Agony from incurable health conditions

What is the Danger of OxyContin Abuse?

medical industry doesn’t have any maximum medication dosage for
OxyContin and therefore, physician will want to closely observe
utilization of the prescription medication. The difficulty is, this is
often a prescription that people take home with them and dispense on
their own. As a result of the tremendously habit-forming make up of this
drug, in addition to the swift development of a tolerance, a lot of
people exceed the quantity indicated on their prescription, which might
lead to deadly unwanted side effects that include drug addiction or
possibly even overdose.

OxyContin is regarded as the most
frequently recommended painkiller in America. From this drug’s
introduction we have witnessed a gradual surge in incorrect use and
abuse along with addiction caused by this dangerous medication. Where a
number of other painkillers incorporate aspirin or acetaminophen, which
usually inhibits prospective addiction, this particular painkiller
consists of solely oxycodone. This prescription drug is not hard for the
abuser to take in several manners; it could be used orally, crushed up
and snorted, dissolved with water and injected, or sometimes even used
rectally. Anytime injected the substance will be similarly as dangerous
as taking a criminal narcotic for example heroin.

What are the Repercussions of OxyContin Addiction?

and women that become enslaved by OxyContin endeavor to supplement
their dependency by visiting a number of doctors to be able to acquire a
variety of prescriptions. This behavior, however, has grown to be ever
more arduous as the federal and state government authorities are
instituting more fail-safes (like prescription tracking) to help prevent
misuse of the aforementioned varieties of prescription drugs. This
approach increasingly leads to addicts growing far more desperate for
the pharmaceutical, and thus, these individuals engage in several
perilous actions in order to get more drugs. Prescription drug abusers
may steal prescriptions, purchase pills from drug dealers on the street
or even rob pharmacies. OxyContin is usually costly and without having
the ability of insurance providing for prescriptions, illicit
undertakings must be engaged in to successfully come up with money to
support the addict’s dependence. Only one forty mg tablet costs $40 and
an abuser might need 5 if not more of these pills every day to keep up
with their addiction.

How can OxyContin Addiction be Overcome?

on this drug ought to be dealt with just like dependence on all other
narcotics. Drug rehabs have effectively been addressing dependency for
years and have found positive results in getting rid of an array of drug
abuse difficulties from alcoholism to cocaine drug addiction, in
addition to harmful addictions to many prescription painkillers.

any successful drug rehabilitation center, all clients are placed in a
long-term, social type therapy programs that don’t just detox
individuals from drugs, but also determines and treats the main reasons,
which led an individual to begin abusing detrimental drugs to start
with. Each case should be examined one by one so the most effective plan
for each client can be developed.

Inpatient Drug Rehab
supplies a lasting remedy for addiction. Once a man or woman finishes
an in patient drug rehab program, they are able to go back to their
day-to-day lives without recurring drug cravings and with effective
coping skills that will permit each of them carry out life not any
longer burdened due to the fear of relapse or a compulsion to carry on

In the event you or someone you love is fighting addiction
to OxyContin, be sure to contact a drug treatment facility right away. A
lifetime of drug addiction can be forgotten, replaced by a life of
optimism, achievement and happiness!