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Pharmacy Discount Network – How it Works

January 31, 2015

Pharmacy discount network or preferred pharmacy network is a group of pharmacies which involves drug plans with prescription issued by doctors. These pharmacies are mostly together as they are willing to give large discounts to customers through pre-approved pharmacy discount cards. Consumers are given a choice between preferred and non-preferred pharmacies. If they choose preferred pharmacies, then they get a discount and end up paying lower premium (on their health insurance card).

Usually, these pharmacy discount networks issue pharmacy discount cards for free, especially in the U.S. to lower the cost of prescription drugs mainly for those who are in need. Some network of pharmacies even offer up to 80% off on retail prescription drugs across the country. But to obtain the discount, the pharmacy discount card should be used only among the list of pharmacies enrolled in the network. When the Rx savings card is issued usually a list of participating pharmacies are provided with it for the reference of the consumer.

In the year 2012 about 700,000 enrollments has happened among three different pharmacy discount networks to benefit the consumers. The seniors in the country are given an opportunity to enroll in a new plan that is attached to a discount network or change the existing plan.

There exists confusion among the users on whether this plan is an insurance plan. This is not an insurance plan, but a simple discount plan where various network of pharmacies are enrolled.

Other than discounts, the pharmacy networks have other facilities too. Once the card issued by the pharmacy network is produced in any one of the network of pharmacies, the prescription is immediately screened for interaction with the doctor, if necessary.

The only drawback would be on the amount of discount a consumer would receive, as the price of a drug differs from each pharmacy and the consumer should ask for the exact discount he or she will get before buying the medicines.

Simple Rx is comprised of a pharmacy discount network, which helps people save money by receiving discounts on prescription drugs. To know more about preferred pharmacy network, you may visit