The Process of Drug Detoxification

Detoxification is generally the process of removing all toxic
substances from the body caused by addiction from drugs or alcohol.
Detoxification is done in various organs such as the lungs, kidney and
liver. Kinds of detoxification include dialysis, chelation therapy,
acupuncture and inpatient detox. Alternatives such as detox diet have
also become popular. However, these alternatives do not have a proven
effect compared to the real drug detoxification.

detoxification cleanses the body from all illicit residues that may have
been left behind inside the body. This speeds up rehabilitation and
gives a new lease on life. Examples of drug residues are phencyclidine,
diazepam, cocaine, marijuana and LSD. These chemicals stay inside the
body and it will be difficult to get rid of them unless a person
undergoes drug detoxification.

Medical specialists and qualified
nurses should be present during a drug detoxification. This is a
serious medical procedure which is why a medical practitioner should be
the one to manage the whole process. During the procedure, the patient
should stop the intake of alcohol, drugs or other chemicals. Researchers
have proven that the intake of any chemical during drug detoxification
may only worsen a person’s physical conditions. Although the effects are
relatively subtle, they can create long-term effects.

done in a drug detox center can be performed in several different ways,
depending on what the patient prefers in receiving the treatment. Most
centers cater detoxification for the withdrawal of drug usage.

reputable drug rehab centers will include the proper counseling and
therapy during the process of treatment for drug dependency because the
patient may experience emotional distress while under the process. If
chemical residues are ignored, they can remain in the person’s fatty
tissues and may be released again after a few years. The release can
trigger the addiction, and may cause the person to crave for drugs once

People who enroll in a drug treatment center are asked to
prepare themselves with the procedures that they are going to
undertake. They are also asked to keep away from any drug temptation,
which may be a difficult task for someone who has abused drugs.

rehabs include regular sauna treatments, exercise regiments and
nutritional supplements in all their drug addiction treatment programs.
These activities are meant for the chemical residues that may hide
behind the fatty tissues. Illegal or Prescription drug detoxification is
a good way to getting sober and completely quitting from an addiction. A
drug treatment center helps a person become fully aware of the
consequences that addiction can bring. The withdrawal process gets
easier when the patient becomes more focused on keeping his body

While undergoing drug detoxification, the patient will
be under medication. A usual treatment period can stretch to up to two
to three months depending on the patient’s responses. When the body of
the patient becomes used to the medicines and starts feeling the desire
to become normal once again, professional psychiatrists will then
enhance even more the determination of the patient and give him enough
mental boost and counseling.